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  1. Mac is usually the same or a 0.01 point GPA difference from U of T. This is obviously subject to change but the cutoffs for last cycle were both 3.83.
  2. I don't have experience with that but I would guess just ask the secretary of the clinic in person or email a PT working at the clinic (if their email is on the clinic's website)
  3. Depends on where you want to shadow, if it's in a hospital, usually they will have a volunteer coordinator or department that you can contact to see if there are open positions for new volunteers in the rehab department.
  4. As far as I know, course load doesn't matter. Obviously you probably don't want to take 7 years to complete an undergraduate but since you've already graduated I don't think it really matters that much. That's completely up to you if you want to go international or stay as a domestic in Canada. Keep in mind, international tuition fees are insane compared to staying in Canada as a domestic student, so if money is an issue or you plan on coming back to Canada after you graduate (and need to pay off all that debt) I would recommend focusing on Canadian PT schools first. Also in the states they ha
  5. If you are applying to Ontario schools, then judging by this years admissions cycle you currently will only have a shot at Queen's (cutoff of 3.68 sGPA). McMaster and U of T both had cutoffs of 3.82 sGPA this year for interview/CAP testing and Western has similar sGPA to Mac and Toronto (although a definitive number is not provided publicly). Even with Queen's having a relatively low sGPA cutoff, the actual average of the incoming class is still pretty high (similar to the other schools) and you need a ton of community and physio volunteer experience, as they are more holistic in their approac
  6. Thank you! Yeah I've provisionally accepted Queen's but still left my U of T offer active because I've heard amazing things, big decision in the next few days lol
  7. Lol I'm not pegging myself as anything. I've done a research masters in neuro and just want to ensure the program structure is balanced in all three of the core pt areas. Ive heard western has a large focus on MSK and I don't want to necessarily only learn about MSK, I want to be able to apply my knowledge of neuro within the program. Was just lookin for advice on different program's structures
  8. Accepted my Queen's PT offer, for those wait listed at U of T/Western/Dalhousie the wait list will be moving!
  9. Got accepted off waitlist as OOP! I will be declining my offer though so the waitlist will be moving!
  10. do you guys have a link to the facebook group for queens PT?
  11. Thanks everyone for your input! I provisionally accepted queens for the time being, I really like Kingston and the program's structure. I left my offers for u of t and western still active in case something changes but I really like the queens program and campus
  12. Thanks everyone for the responses! For me, I'm particularly interested in the neurological side of PT (rather than ortho/MSK), and as a result I will probably be deciding between U of T and Queen's. Out of U of T or Queen's, which school has a larger neuro-focused component? Also, has anyone completed a joint MPT/PhD program? After I complete my MPT, am I able to concurrently practice PT while also completing my PhD? If anyone has experience with the doctoral stream, I am very interested to hear what your experience is/was like or what you've heard about it.
  13. I would say definitely go for the English as you would have more options, unless you are a Atlantic resident, dal doesn't have many spots for OOP students so taking physics solely for dalhousie may not be worth it compared to English
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