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  1. is it possible for your best 2-year to be an 87 vs a 3.62 + 3.85 on the 4 point scale?
  2. Yes, they work. I was able to interview last year with those courses.
  3. When I talked to UofT's admission office, it didn't sound like they were too critical with academic requirements. They told me that as long as you feel that you satisfy the requirements, then that's good enough.
  4. I don't know what the lowest GPA for getting an interview this year was, but I imagine if you get around a 3.88 with a good DAT score you should get an interview. I imagine the admitted average is around a 3.92 this year, though, so you'll definitely have to outperform in other aspects besides your GPA. You can definitely offset your first year marks if you got a near 4.0 GPA in second-year, but either way you should just be aiming for top marks regardless.
  5. Lots of people apply multiple years and I doubt admissions look down on that. If anything, I'd imagine they would see you as more dedicated to the to profession if you continue to stick with it. An 84% is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum, and it'd be incredibly difficult to get into UofT if you don't raise that average. Western is more holistic, so they'd also be looking into your ECs so an 84% wouldn't exclude you entirely. Just try to get the highest marks as possible since the admitted average is continuing to increase. I'd say you can realistically aim to be competitiv
  6. You can do the November DAT, but they don't consider the February DAT if it's taken in the admission year. You can definitely do well just doing it once, which is what a lot of people have done (including myself), but I probably would have tried to do it more in hindsight. Dental applications are due at the beginning of November. Also, since you mentioned orgo I just wanted to remind you that the Canadian DAT doesn't have an orgo section. I also heard that UofT might be considering the American DAT now, which has additional sections but more frequent tests throughout the year if that
  7. Does anyone know how far the waitlist moved in previous years? I know 2016 moved 37 spots, but what about 2015, 14, etc?
  8. So I read on the email that the Western interview is closed file. I always assumed Western was open... Did things change or am I mistaken? Edit: Called and asked the admissions office, and they told me it was always closed.
  9. Hey! I'm just wondering if there are any students near Mac that are looking to practice for their upcoming dental interviews?
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