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  1. @Applicant95 This is just a hunch, but the assumption might be that if your parents are middle/upper class, then you would have grown up with the advantages of a middle/upper class student, which helps with getting scholarships for undergrad, maybe them paying for undergrad, etc. A multiplication of privileges in a sense. But I agree, it's definitely not a perfect system! E.g. parental income could be low now, but was high for many years, or maybe some students have other family members that have supported them, and so on.
  2. They are not very transparent with regards to selection criteria, but my assumption at least is that it is mostly need based. They do ask a lot of questions related to this (e.g. they need a property value assessment of your parent(s) house). I don't feel comfortable going into too many details, but parental income was in the lowest income tax bracket. cGPA was around 3.94, and my MCAT was 521.
  3. Accepted to Hamilton!!!! I'm so happy :') cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 129 Casper: don't remember extremely well but I think I had lots of personal examples and made some good points on some questions? Interview: Had a good feeling at the end bc most stations felt pretty good or at least okay, only one super cringey "WTF AM I DOING" station IP, 4th yr UG AHHHHHHHHH
  4. I'm in the exact same boat as End Poverty (with respect to books -- TPR for CARS, Kaplan and some EK for science)! The first time I took my MCAT I absolutely bombed CARS. Second time around I used the TPR workbook for CARS and also some passages from EK and Kaplan. Saved my butt & I did well enough in CARS to be interviewed at Western/Mac !! I mean, part of it was probably taking lots of arts classes in between my 2 MCATs, but I think a large part of my improvement was TPR's emphasis on finding the best CARS method for you, etc.
  5. Some look at your most recent, others your best, but I don't think any really care how many times you wrote it (yay!)
  6. 1. Apparently med schools are allowed to increase their tuition by a max of 5% per year like for "inflation." 6k seems like a pretty steep increase (like > 10% is that even allowed????) 2. Did anyone get a confirmation email for this? Like I did for my bursary app, but not the supplemental scholarship thing to say they received it (just an automatic reply)
  7. The financial assistance application doesn't exactly have a time that it's due (just says April 3). Anyone know if it's like 11:59pm on the 3rd?
  8. Timestamp: 1pm March 31 Result: Reject wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 130/129/130/132 EC's: 3 years of emergency first aid service, ran a small business, leadership positions on a couple clubs, multiple years of research (1 pub), etc. etc., above average I would say? Essays: A bit last minute but had most reviewed and also all were very personal.
  9. Time stamp: 11:05AM Invite: Yes! IP/OOP: IP but not from southwestern ON 2YGPA: 3.95 I think? MCAT: 130/129/130/132
  10. Rejection Date Stamp: Jan 24, 4:26PM Location: IP (but not from near Ottawa) Stream: English wGPA: I think it's a 3.92, but not sure if I calculated correctly. cGPA is a 3.94 Current year:3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD ECs: 5 years of research including a publication, ran a business, tons of volunteering that is medically and non-medically related (don't wanna go into too much detail for risk of identifying myself!) Casper: Think it went ok, got an interview at McMaster so couldn't have been too bad lolwhatevs wasn't my top choice anyways
  11. Time stamp: 9:14 AM Invite: Yes!!! GPA: 3.94 CARS: 129 Casper: Didn't feel amazing, but decent I guess? IP 4th year BSc
  12. So I'm a current McGill student (but OOP) applying to McGill med. For the workbook, when it's complete, it says my local GPA is a 3.99 and McGill GPA is a 3.95. My GPA for actual McGill courses is a 3.93 (97 credits completed) and I have 12 credits from another university for which I have a 4.0. I understand the 3.95, but not the 3.99? My pre-req and recommended course GPAs are also both 3.95 which is correct. I really don't know where the local GPA is coming from/how it's calculated? Does anyone else have this issue?
  13. I have 3 different certifications kind of similar to this (first-responder and a couple others), I separated them! Also put them under other.
  14. So I have 2 verifiers that are not used for activities listed in my Abs, but I discuss these activities in my UofT essays which means I need a verifier. One of them is a healthcare professional who was part of my treatment team for an illness I suffered. I put this activity under "Other," meaning I don't need a verifier, but I discuss this illness and how it helped me grow etc. in one of my Abs essays for UofT. The other is a relative-- I talked about something I saw while visiting the hospital where he works, so I used him as a verifier for that activity. Should I list the 4 hours
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