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  1. Would love to know more about what's happening behind this...
  2. Gen Sx, Ortho, Vascular, and even Urology has spots left unfilled this year... it seems more people are applying to IM and less applying to Sx, is that the reason? Also anyone knows why UofC has 20 FM spots this year unfilled, and 11 last year? Do they intentionally leave them for 2nd iteration? Curious to find out how many are unmatched this year.
  3. Declined in favor of UofC today. Was on waitlist last year, so I guess I can relate to the anxiety. Good luck guys:)
  4. Accepted cGPA: 3.65 MCAT 126 CARS IP Extra-curriculars: UofA: 12/17, UBC (last year): 35, so think I am slightly above average. Interview: Felt very confident afterward, but as time goes by, self-doubt prevailed. Think I have at least 2 stations I didn't do so well, completely missed the point of one station and realized that only when the interviewer asked the first prompt. Tried to squeeze everything into 1 min left. Take home message: leave time for prompt questions at UofC. If you didn't do so well on all stations, don't worry, nobody does! Best luck everyone, I am thrilled!
  5. pass here, but still got rejection. But I might have been redflagged due to an inappropriate joke...so I could be an outlier.
  6. Regrets IP GPA: 3.65 PA: 12/17 MCAT: 127.50 Interview: Pass Think I got red flagged by the interviewer because of an inappropriate joke/compliment. (not real me, I never do that in real life). Oh well, life needs to move on!
  7. No kidding, I am in Montreal now, and everyone I practiced MMI with (McGill applicants) got in!!! I am thrilled for them however at the mean time that makes me so anxious...
  8. interview invites are out. Result: Invite Time Stamp: Jan 24 - 2:44pm MST Interview Date: wGPA: 3.7 Year: masters MCAT: 510 ECs: probably above average, got a 34/50 from UBC last year. Essays: filled all top 10. edited more than 10 times. Geography : IP
  9. same here... happy to know I am not the only one....hope it is just a glitch they can fix soon. Good luck!
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