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  1. Rewriting the mcat is usually the most efficient way of boosting your app and I tend to encourage that (I retook a 515+ score myself), but i'd be hesitant to do that in your case. Unless you weren't meeting last years' uwo or queens cut offs, you have quite a bit to lose and little to gain by rewriting it. Not to mention having a bit of life in the summer is important too
  2. 516 seems like an arbitrary target and getting that score might not increase your chances of interview invites by much. Unless you are trying to meet specific cuts off or get 520+ for prairie OOP, the MCAT rewrite wont be all that useful.
  3. That hit close to home! I've had the exact same interview & wl breakdown over my three application cycles. Fortunately one of my waitlists ended up coming through. Don't lose hope. it's still early in the cycle. I wouldn't worry about next steps or reapplying until at least mid june.
  4. I did not make it off the OOP WL for the class of 2022 & I know at least one other person who did not get off it. With that being said, the post interview OOP odds are still pretty damn good - probably as good as it gets.
  5. I'd reapply. You have a legit shot at interviews at 2+schools. Australia seems like too much of a headache
  6. If you have such low undergrad gpa McMaster should be the last school to looking at, esp since they don't look at ECs/publications and only give a 4% bonus for PhD. Your best bet is second undergrad and you should aim for schools that don't look at cumulative GPA.
  7. Slightly above average accepted stats. Don't botch casper and you should get an interview. Note: casper isn't that hard to botch imo - I've missed out on a Mac interview with arguably higher stats last year.
  8. Well this wasn't the funnest party i've been to. Congrats to those who got in, best of luck to the rest in the next cycle!
  9. Got an offer on the 14th. Will be accepting--at least for now! Good luck to anyone still waiting.
  10. Good job keeping the WL party OP acceptance streak going!
  11. There's no doubt that a pretty big portion of the waitlist offers has been sent out. But i'd think that unless we get really unlucky this year, there should be some movement next week as well.
  12. I mean, no matter what they're not gonna fill majority of the wait list in like 2 hours following the initial deadline to accept. I'm as much of a pessimist/neurotic as any other waitlisted applicant, but I think it might a bit early to be crying. I'd wait for next week at least.
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