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  1. Hello Guys, do you know how is taking Organic Chem online with UWaterloo for Summer? The duration of the course is just two months with Prof. Forsey
  2. Thank you. Yes- you were right. SCS 2159 is acceptable.
  3. If you go for a Thesis based, it may give the advantage of having research experience, but then you are expected to have publication
  4. Torontonian, Do you know which school is offering Physiology course in afternoon? The Physiology course at Chang school is not acceptable. From Western_Dentistry: BLG 10 A/B has been assessed and is not considered acceptable for meeting the Physiology prerequisite requirement
  5. Thank you. Do you remember wow the Prof was. I am hesitating to take the course, people have said terrible stories about the prof on rating prof (name Mehra ...). But then if I don't get the course I cannot take anything else, as its the pre-req for other courses
  6. Guys, for Western there is a requirement to take 1.0 course in human or mammalian physiology. Does " CBLG 10A/B Anatomy and Physiology" meet this requirements? Because my background is engineering I really don't know if its the same or different
  7. Has anyone here taken Gen Chem I at Ryerson Chang School? How is the difficulty and course load?
  8. Thank you- Is there any preference on which school I should go for? I mean does admission committee has any preference on UT vs Ryerson?
  9. What are the available options for talking the ore-requisite courses somewhere in Toronto after graduation? Any university offering course based registration (v.s a second undergrad degree)?
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