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  1. Have a MCAT score in low 500s. My GPA and SES attributes are high though. Am I just wasting $100 if I apply? Appreciate any serious advice.
  2. I can understand your frustration! All great suggestions above. Through many years of application cycles and subsequent interviews, I've come to see - at least for myself - that there really is no substitute for life experiences when it comes to being able to articulate in a mature, balanced, and thoughtful way (and I'm someone who has sought professional help lol, and practiced with strangers and friends). Don't let this discourage you. It sounds like you have already done some analysis and reflection on where you can improve. At the very least, you are entering next cycle with an elevated ba
  3. At the bottom of their website it says that the office is closed today from 9:00 - 1:00pm. https://med.uottawa.ca/graduate-postdoctoral/contact-us
  4. I'm in the boat of people who haven't heard back yet. How likely is it to be invited for an interview off the "holding list"? I wouldn't think that there would be many last-minute cancellations... Just going to focus on other things at this point, but it does suck thinking about potentially being (finally) rejected after waiting for this long..
  5. "If I've waited this long, I can wait another couple of days (?) to hear back" ..That's what I keep telling myself. Shouldn't be long now, maybe there'll be news today.
  6. For those who are attending the mock interview event on Sat Feb 11th, is anyone interested in meeting up after 12:00pm to do some more prep? I'm attending from out of town, and have some time to kill before headed back - Might as make the most out of it and get to know some applicants/get some more practice in face to face.
  7. Great. I messaged you on Facebook and sent a Skype request.
  8. Looking for a serious prep partner to practice questions on a consistent, weekly basis.
  9. On the U of T website, this is what is says: Mailing in your letters: As October 1st is a Saturday, the University of Toronto will accept your regular reference/graduate supervisor/MDPhD letters as long as they are received by OMSAS by 4pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Online reference letters: These are still due on October 1st and must be received at OMSAS by this date. I wonder if your references could mail the letter instead?
  10. What do you guys put down for "Level of Education" for activities you completed out of undergrad (as a non-student, and working). Would you put down "undergrad completed"?
  11. I don't recall seeing a section on the application where we had to input our reference information. The screenshot that I took of the reference section said "applicants that are selected for an interview will be asked to provide referee information in the MMI invite email". So, only those that are contacted for interviews will need to provide reference information.
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