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  1. Anyone happen to know/think if these will be out this week? On their website it says they'll be out ~ a month prior to interview weekend?
  2. Out of pure curiosity, does anyone know how many interviews they gave out this time around?
  3. Reject last year said the same as above: "Queen's School of Medicine Interviews" in the subject line.
  4. Thanks for the insight everyone! Does anyone know if we called UWO in the near future to ask what the cut-off was if they would tell us, or do we have to wait until interview invites are sent?
  5. So would this mean that they won't even read the ABS/PS of applicants with an RC score of 18 this year?
  6. Wondering if application will be tossed, given I think two years ago the cut-off was 19!
  7. Reject OOP GPA: 92 (according to ubc med scale, idk?) DAT: 21 AA, 24 PAT The bio that I took for my program is different from the standard bios offered, so I'm guessing that my bio pre-req didn't align with the ones that they listed as examples. Also might be my AA or whatever else they felt I guess!
  8. Update: did not receive an interview with my stats posted above, to give others an idea for future reference. Im imagining it might be due to a pre-req issue I had, or my DAT AA.
  9. I was browsing back through these forums and read somewhere briefly that there is a list of the published CDA interview questions - is this true? Also are there any specific interview prep companies that seem to be recommended for the CDA interview over others? Worth spending the money?
  10. I believe it depends on the school. Definitely check out the schools you are interested in applying to to find out, as many of them are different. For example: if Im not mistaken, your DAT scores are valid for up to 5 years at UBC, but only valid for 2 years at U of T. So for Toronto, if you wrote the DAT this past November (2016), you can use those scores for this year's application (if you applied), and next year's (2017 application for 2018 entry) only.
  11. Update: I received a conformation email from U of T saying my application was complete. They might be sending them out in waves.
  12. Hey everyone! Just a really quick question that popped up, I was wondering if when we filled out the initial form for UWO (The OUAC-style one) if when we requested our transcripts there that was all we had to do for our university to send them to western right? We didn't have to submit a transcript request through our own university's system? Sorry - this is maybe a silly question! Thanks
  13. @Fakedoctor Im also worried they lost my email with proof of citizenship LOL - that exact thought has been on my mind. Also still haven't gotten anything yet either
  14. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if students who have only completed part of a masters (say 1/2 years of a course-based masters) can apply to Dentistry without completing the degree. I heard that for most medical schools apparently applicants must complete their graduate degree before beginning the program, but was wondering if anyone knows if this is the case for Dentistry (have been searching through school websites but have not found anything)?
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