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  1. Hi All, I had a question about the 3 ABS statements: For each activity, should I talk about what I did or only talk about what I learned? I know we have to connect to the clusters, so should I specifically mention which clusters I improved in myself and learned about, or should I just state all the things I did in the activity and leave it to the reader to make the connections to the clusters (using the “show don’t tell” approach)? Thank you so much for the help!!!
  2. I thought what they meant by activity and/or achievement was like you can use either an activity or an achievement for each ABS statement (not both for any 1 statement). So, yea I guess I'll try to fit in 2 activities for 1 statement, but I'd have to let them know it was part of the same organization. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi, I just had a question about the 3 ABS statements for UofT. I was wondering if for just 1 of the statements, I could talk about 2 of my ABS activities (instead of 1). The 2 ABS activities have occurred as part of the same organization and I'm using the same verifier. The difference between the two is my specific roles, so I had 2 roles in the same organization. So, I was wondering if I can speak about both of those activities for just one of the ABS statements (as opposed to having 1 ABS activity for each statement). Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi everyone, I am not sure what kinds of activities are supposed to go in the "other" section of the ABS. What is expected to go there, and may you provide some examples please? Thank you for the help!
  5. Hi Thank you for the responses. So, if there is an award that I get on one particular day (for getting a high score on a math test, for example), should I just put the date as May 2015-May 2015 (for example), and put nothing in the duration section (or "Not applicable")? I am not sure what the duration of the award will be if I was just given the award once and there is no particular duration (It's just a certificate for achieving a high score in math)
  6. it's okay if you submit your application through OMSAS before Oct 1st, the transcript will be considered on time
  7. Hi All, In the awards section of the ABS, there is a space that asks for the duration of the award. For some awards, this makes sense (like NSERC USRA/summer studentships) where the duration is usually from May-Aug. But what about for awards that I just receive on one day? For example, if I got an award on a specific date for achieving the highest grade in a course, what would the duration be? Or if I got an award for scoring high in a math contest, what would the duration be? What about for achieving the Dean's List? For these, should I just put down Not Applicable in the duration sec
  8. Hi All, I'm not really sure what the difference between a volunteer and extracurricular activity is. I "volunteer" my time for "extracurricular" activities, and my "volunteer" activities are "extracurricular" because they occur outside the university curriculum. This is why it's kind of confusing. Someone told me that extracurricular activities are activities done in school, and volunteer activities are activities done outside of school (like in the community). What do you all think? Thank you very much!
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