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  1. Hey, yes I received it the first day they went out! I improved on Mcat, letters and a few other aspects but this is My third invite as a NB resident Good luck! Hope they come out tomorrow!
  2. It would be great (for those of us obsessed with data) to get a sense of the competition pool for NB applicants. In the past, the MCAT has been particularly high and it would be interesting to see how it is this year. So if you are from NB, consider posting your stats here and maybe we can get a sense of the competition: GPA: 3.7 undergrad, 3.9 Masters MCAT: 24 (old MCAT) 506 (New; 29 in old scale) Extracurriculars/volunteer: Solid extracurriculars in hospital volunteering, saint john ambulance, peer mentor, union rep., president of various student clubs, piano lessons, as well
  3. Hey, I have a decent CARS score, 129, and a 3.7 GPA (Plus 1% for having a masters degree). I did my masters in bioethics so I think I will do well on the CASPR, but I am also OOP, is a 129 competitive for OOP with my gpa, etc? Thanks!
  4. I have no idea, honestly. I was invited twice for an interview with a 24 MCAT and a 3.7 GPA. I assume they look at everything because as a part of the UNB group, I know not everyone was invited and there is no way that 24 was the cut off, given that the pool is apparently MCAT competitive. Its hard to know, they don't reveal much info.
  5. I agree, its kind of last minute given the interviews at Nov 5th. We have to get our travel plans set out (for those of us out of province) etc, plus deal with the practice time.
  6. Hi I applied twice and received interviews twice (NB) with a 24 MCAT. So you have a decent shot. You need to kill the interview though. My interviews were above average, according to my post application feedback but my MCAT was not competitive for the NB pool. I retook it, and I am also hoping they take improvement into account. I went from a 24 to a 506 which is a 29 basically. Good luck!
  7. I wouldn't worry about it. I've applied before and currently, and I put my professors office address and I have never received any problem. I can't imagine that the address matters. I feel like its antiquated and just can't figure a way to redesign the layout..they don't even ask for emails... BUT that being said, you can fix that using the Secure Applicant Messaging Tool. Just use the "update verifier" request and somebody will get back to you about it.
  8. Hey man, I am sorry to hear that. Because you are a NL resident, you certainly have a better chance than NB residents. The only thing I can say is that there is a section the application that asks you to add anything you want the committee to know. If you think for any reason at all your ability to score well has been affected by anything (low economic status, family burdens, etc) then definitely add that next time if you haven't this time. I don't want t tell anyone to just give up, if you already paid and applied, I'd go right ahead anyways. If you aren't successful, maybe rewrite and write
  9. Not completely sure but I've applied in the past and for academics, I just put their office address, not even their home address and never had a problem. Honestly, its not on top of their list and they don't check every verifier.
  10. Hey! Yeah no, it was my masters research project supervisor, who I've known for 2 years but also has seen me work under research/academic settings. He just happens to be prominent! But thanks for the advice. Yes I will do that, that would be great!
  11. I assume that because the interview date has changed from Nov. 15 to Nov. 05 this year, that the invites will be out quicker. I actually received a call to have my unofficial MCAT scores sent so they could expedite the process. So if anyone hears about interviews, please post here! Last year they came out (I think) Oct. 16th, so I assume it will be earlier than that..!
  12. Hey thank you for your reply! Yes they said I did above average in the Multi Mini Interview, and average in the personal. So maybe if I repeat the success in the MMI and do a bit better in the traditional, combined with new letters (from a few more prominent people), mcat, etc, might factor into some success...who knows!
  13. I did "I did x and y (5)" where 5 corresponds to the verifier, dont waste precious space on "see verifier 5".!
  14. Trad/Non-Trad: 24 years old (Traditional) Degrees: BA in Philosophy/Mathematics 3.7, MA in Bioethics 3.9 GPA: 3.9 (0.2 boost is life) Context: From Rural New Brunswick community, Native French and English speaker. Employment/ ECs / Volunteer: Employment: Graduate teaching assistant, research assistant, antiques dealer, science editor for uni. paper, Deputy Returning Officer, ECs: Piano lessons, German club president, philosophy club president, Volunteer: Peer mentor, hospital volunteer, Saint John Ambulance medical first responder, union represen
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