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  1. Has anyone's proof of Canadian citizenship status been updated from not received to received?
  2. I'm interested in Skyping! Please let me know if a group has already been started. Thank you!
  3. Invite! TIME STAMP: 10:42 PST OOP Did any of you want to practice for the MMI over Skype? We could organize a practice group!
  4. One of the current med students/ambassadors just responded saying that the deadline is indeed tonight at midnight! We're good to go!!!
  5. Ok perfect! There was some confusion b/w whether it was 9 pm or whether it's midnight! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION!
  6. Was the deadline today at 9pm or will it be today at 11:59pm?
  7. Can anyone comment as to whether the deadline was 9 pm or whether it is 11:59 pm tonight? Please and thank you!
  8. I'm wondering b/c I have a friend who only sent in the updated version of that past 9 pm and sent the original before 9 pm, so he's stressing out right now about whether or not he missed the deadline.
  9. Right so does that have to be sent before 9 pm or 11:59 pm?
  10. Was your academic workbook (the excel file) marked as complete as well? When did you submit that?
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