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  1. I'm sorry to say, the credit number is a hard cutoff. I had the same issue as you for my first year undergrad marks, just one credit short because of the way credits were distributed for that year's required courses. That was my best year GPA-wise, and would've qualified as a full course load year for other schools like Toronto, but didn't count as a year at Western (I know because my 2nd year met the cut off, 3rd year didn't; since my offer was conditional upon my 4th year meeting the 3.7 in order to fulfil the 2 years >3.7 requirement, means they didn't count the 1st). Are you still
  2. Hmm, hadn't thought about this before, good point. I think I ended up shifting to the blatant "can I think about that for 30 seconds" and the awkward silence simply because giving a time frame felt like I have the time to properly think and be less pressured to come up with an answer as soon as possible. Thanks for the insight!
  3. I just remembered something relating to this. I do know some people who say "that's a really interesting question" to buy themselves time to think of an answer, and it's an interview strategy I've been told once or twice. I know I'm guilty of using this as a clutch to avoid using "um" to fill the awkward silence. Any thoughts on this?
  4. GRUMBLING Group rallies under Manhattan bargaining limitations, impeachment... not good.
  5. You're freaking out. Seriously though, you're not expected to shadow in premed, much less get a reference from it. Look at what you've done, see who you can get references from, and go for it. Yes, many successful third year applicants sound like they have crazy CVs, but as long as you're doing meaningful activities and keep up a high GPA, you have a chance. Besides, remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get in after third year, and consider it a chance to finish that undergrad degree you've already worked three years for.
  6. I read so much on Queen's trying to figure out my chances last year too, but I think Queen's only uses GPA and MCAT as a cut-off, and then they look at your ABS and reference letters to rank you for the interview invite, but they never publish what the cut-offs are. So, like everyone else said above, if you have the money and time to fill out that ABS (which assuming you did to apply for other Ontario schools anyway, won't be any extra time at all), go ahead and throw them your application and hope for the best. Don't give yourself room for regrets or be left wondering "what if".
  7. Not sure what you consider as the essentials, but definitely whiteboard/corkboard; useful for organizational purposes and writing reminders in giant, hard to miss messages. Our dorms came with a mini-fridge, which was VERY appreciated for ice-cream storage purposes. A dartboard and/or those suction bow/arrows were good for passing time too, and you can personalize your target for extra amusement...
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I'm always paranoid with buildings that have random portions of their structure suspended mid-air or supported only by a few rectangular pillars, which is irrational I'm sure, as I trust that the various architects, engineers, and construction workers would've paid the utmost attention to detail. Still, that overhang... Love the rooftop gardens though.
  9. Keep in mind though, UofT uses a wGPA system, which technically means that someone could almost fail several courses, have a low cGPA, but a high wGPA after they're dropped.
  10. CaRMS publishes this info by province for all PGY levels, as well as additional relevant information (leave, call, insurance, etc): https://www.carms.ca/en/match-process/your-application/salaries-benefits/
  11. Keep in mind the last two years also need to be at a matching grade level (the 3/5 rule). I don't know many schools that offer enough upper-year classes in the summer to accelerate 2 years of school into 1 year.
  12. Hah, that's also why it'd be blasphemy to knock 4 times.
  13. SHOWER Show him out, we're expecting royalty. (not sure if using contractions is cheating...)
  14. I'm not sure how things work on the CEGEP entry level, since I didn't go through it, but as long as your volunteering experience is meaningful and something you've learned from, any experience can be valuable. However, if you're concerned about not having medicine-related activities (and it would be good to do some to see how interested you are in pursuing medicine as a career), there are many hospitals in Montreal that you can volunteer at (friendly visiting, book cart, etc), affiliated with either McGill or UdeM, depending on whether you want to communicate primarily in English or French (I
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