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    lulu95 reacted to JohnGrisham in Proposed tax changes - what will that mean for us   
    The common refrain i hear is "I'm too busy doing medicine and actually making a difference to get involved in medical politics"  and this leads to those going into medical politics and leadership positions being fairly lackluster. If those who are involved at the medical school level are any predictor of future leadership, half of them are decent and reliable sure, the other half are to be quite honest...people i wouldn't want making any decisions, not even simple things like what to put on my sandwich, on my behalf with regards to the medical field. People who seemingly just end up sucking up to the higher ups to look good for their CaRMS app.

    We can only blame ourselves though - its no different then politics at large, why go into it, when your'e too busy doing something you think at least is making a difference. 
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    lulu95 reacted to Organic Chemistry in Would You Pursue Your Med Dream If The Salary..   
    If the hours I work would be 9-5, then yes.
    If it is like a 80 hour work week (for many surgery specialties), then that will be questionable. 
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    lulu95 reacted to canucks_14 in Would You Pursue Your Med Dream If The Salary..   
    I would agree with this, but astronauts don't get paid very much, Haha all of those astronauts are making physicians (or premeds) look quite greedy right about now....
    Like does anyone really need to make 300k? I get the debt argument but it seems to be more about people's expectations of what they want to be able to buy/how they want to be able to live, after doing a certain amount of work, more than anything else.
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    lulu95 reacted to Bambi in Would You Pursue Your Med Dream If The Salary..   
    No. There needs to  be an income to reflect the education, responsibility, to be able to comfortably afford to educate my future children and to afford, vacations, continuous education, retirement.  
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    lulu95 reacted to chemiosmosis11 in Female advice needed, thank you   
    I think like, you are ultimately the person to make the call. If it were me though, it sounds like you don't really know her too well, and I would do that first before trying for anything serious. Maybe like just talk to her and get to know her more first? See if she is seeing anyone? Does she have any rings? Maybe go for a coffeebreak sometime after the shift?
    it is a volunteer position so I would watch out for professionalism, but at the same time, you are probably not going to be working with her forever, and if a potential, meaningful relationship comes out of it I think it might be worth at least attempting. But do so with caution and preparation.
    But uhh dating advice on premed101....yeah...I dunno what else you expect.
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    lulu95 reacted to SoraAde in Female advice needed, thank you   
    Find a place where you're not going to be interrupted by other people, then start small talk etc, show you're interested.. then when the silence hits, tell her you have a 4.0 GPA and 132 CARS. She'll ask you for your number
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    lulu95 got a reaction from daniorerio in Med Student Budget Example   
    CaRMS publishes this info by province for all PGY levels, as well as additional relevant information (leave, call, insurance, etc): https://www.carms.ca/en/match-process/your-application/salaries-benefits/
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    lulu95 got a reaction from Bambi in Make one or more sentences, questionsusing the letters of last word to begin each wor   
    Grandpa ran over Uncle Ned's dog. Sad!
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    lulu95 got a reaction from Clapton in Dorm Room Must Haves?   
    Not sure what you consider as the essentials, but definitely whiteboard/corkboard; useful for organizational purposes and writing reminders in giant, hard to miss messages. Our dorms came with a mini-fridge, which was VERY appreciated for ice-cream storage purposes. A dartboard and/or those suction bow/arrows were good for passing time too, and you can personalize your target for extra amusement...
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    lulu95 reacted to Dr.Heisenberg in EC's????   
    curing cancer
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    lulu95 reacted to Bambi in Requirements for Medecine (McGill)   
    And there is the EMS volunteering at the City of Cote St. Luc. Upon acceptance, you take a Red Cross course, pass the exam and become a trainee to start with,  going out on calls in the ambulance. These could be auto accidents, suffering a stroke or heart attack, really anything. 
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    lulu95 reacted to Sauna in Can someone please clear this up for me?   
    It's: most recent two years OR every year. 
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    lulu95 got a reaction from MDPLZ in Clarification for GPA   
    Keep in mind the last two years also need to be at a matching grade level (the 3/5 rule). I don't know many schools that offer enough upper-year classes in the summer to accelerate 2 years of school into 1 year.
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    lulu95 reacted to Lactic Folly in MD/MBA - residency matching   
    1) Isn't it a moot point if you are already registered in the program?
    2) The program at Tufts describes their aim of producing graduates who function "not only as outstanding clinicians but also as expert managers, innovative leaders, and entrepreneurial thinkers who can navigate — and improve upon — the system in order to better the lives of patients and their families." Does this resonate with you? Can you apply the leadership and communication skills you are presumably learning in your program to convey your experience in this manner?
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    lulu95 reacted to Nietzsche_hammer in Door Knocking Strategy   
    It knocked me out when I didn't get in
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    lulu95 reacted to rmorelan in Door Knocking Strategy   
    you know people are overthinking things when door knocking become a hot topic on the forum
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    lulu95 reacted to nWo-NMP-4Lyfe in Door Knocking Strategy   
    Do the knocks. I'm a multi year MMIer..... I talked this year to a preceptor who takes place in MMIs and he says that even though they aren't supposed to a lack of a knock can annoy them. It can only hurt you if you don't do it.
    trust me broski, 2 years no knock followed by one year knocking and i got in after the knocks 
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    lulu95 reacted to ralk in How does CaRMS work?   
    Please check the CaRMS website for timelines, they spell it out in full detail.
    Each program sets their own application requirements. Generally a personal statement is involved. Usually the number of LORs in 3, which in most cases should all be from clinicians.
    No research is hurtful, even in a completely separate field. Whether it's meaningfully helpful depends on the program, but it should never be a negative. Applicants who clearly signaled an interest in a different field early on and changed directions usually need to explain the shift, but it's a common occurrence for applicants and not treated negatively in the vast, vast majority of cases. Please do not let Robert Chu's story scare you in this regard - it's a single anecdote from a unique situation for which we don't know all the details. People do research in fields different from where they end up applying all the time, it's not an impediment to matching.
    Ideally you should know before the bulk of elective applications are due, or at least before the pre-CaRMS electives are completed. For some of the really competitive/unique ones (EM, Derm, Plastics, Ophtho) a little extra lead time is undoubtedly beneficial to develop ECs and contacts, but not strictly speaking necessary. In effect, mid-way through 3rd year is a good time to have your specialty choice selected or at least narrowed down to a very short list.
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    lulu95 got a reaction from Morinphen in Will MCAT cutoffs change?   
    CASPer, the not-so-friendly ghost that haunts anyone who doesn't type at 70+ wpm...
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    lulu95 reacted to ralk in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    Providing final admission statistics for one school - particularly the smallest in the country - without the corresponding application statistic is far from evidence of your point. Here's the numbers the AFMC puts out, which includes both admission numbers and application numbers, for all schools. This is the last year of information available and clearly shows NOSM at near-parity between the admission rates of genders. More women got in, but more applied. You can build any argument if you cherry-pick the data and conveniently ignore counter-examples or broader trends...
    Prove it. Western has numerous ways to express your opinion in the public arena in a safe, constructive manner. There are multiple school-affiliated blogs, a student-run journal (plus journals at other schools which accept publications), a debate group (which was active when I was in pre-clerkship), as well as numerous opportunities to speak out through organizations like the OMA and CFMS. If you believe that Western's consultations on its admission process - which, I'll remind you, have not led to any changes in the admissions process yet if ever - and that diminished male representation in medicine is such a cost to the system, speak out, publicly. It sounds like you feel you have significant support from your classmates for your ideas, so what's stopping you?
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    lulu95 reacted to MountainAmoeba in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    It would be good not to talk about what nursing does or doesn't do, when you aren't a nurse. I'm a male nurse, and I'll tell you. I am highly sought. Most units prefer a balanced ratio of males to females.
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    lulu95 reacted to uwopremed in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    There probably are different average innate interests between men and women in terms of desirability to stay home with kids or do domestic duties.  A combination of societal expectations and genetics.  This idea that it is only societal is something that comes out the research from liberal social study programs in Western universities, but is really only a theory.   I actually think there are average female and male traits.  Thinking otherwise actually ends up countering the whole transgender movement which I strongly support - the idea that we can feel male or female inside.  I believe that gender and sex are different things - and I believe that most people that feel they are female (whether externally biological or not) do have traits that value home time over work.  On average.
    Irrespective - that is not my argument at all.  The argument is that if any medical school consistently had a 65-70% male population - there would be a national outcry.  The reverse - nothing.  To think otherwise is to have delusion.  WE consistently hear complaints about how STEM jobs are mostly men.  Or most elected politicians are men.  Or most CEOs (a tiny percentage of all people) are men.  ALL THE TIME.  But Medicine, Dentistry, and Law are MUCH higher paying on average, and are majority female at the university and recent graduate level.  And not one peep out of these same newspapers.  Not talk about the much higher rates of male suicide, unemployment, homelessness, incarceratin and all types of disease.  Nothing.  It's the hypocrisy that appalls me most.
    And quite frankly, when I read your post, I see someone that automatically assumes that the male is the abuser in a relatinship.  That women should automatically get custody of children.  And that when males suffer in society, they deserve it.  And people like you are the type to ultimately create room for a Trump like persona to win in Canada eventually (sadly).
    My opinion is a minority opinion in the newspapers and public arena.  Definitely not in private.  Even in my class, and even among many of the women in my class.
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    lulu95 reacted to rmorelan in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    ahhh scandal? She served 2  full terms. That is the normal amount of time for a dean at a medical school (they like to rotate them out to ensure new ideas and a shake up occurs). She has a long list of accomplishments (and I mean long) at the school and then left after 11 years in office. She successfully oversaw the expansion of the school to include Windsor. \
    Basically this is one of Canada's top physicians and before the term scandal is thrown around that is going to have to be backed up.  
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    lulu95 reacted to ralk in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    Possibly a component, but entirely speculation. I know that McMaster and Western have a lot of overlap, but I think it gets overstated. For example, if gender ratios between the two schools were significantly connected, McMaster's clear drop in the percentage of women it accepted should have been correlated with an increase in the percentage of women at Western, yet we saw the opposite. Still might be a factor, but it can't be more than a small one. There's undoubtedly a difference in priorities for men and women as a whole, but there's also a very wide range of priorities within each gender and while I don't disagree with your generalization, I think it's importance often gets over-emphasized.
    I have no idea what the ratio at the interviews were! I've participated in more than you have, but it's never something I took particular notice of. My first interview I was kind of focused on doing my best and getting in. The second I was focused on helping those interviewing to do their best and get in. And my most recent one I was focused on evaluating the content of those I was interviewing to select the best candidates. I wasn't running a gender tally in my head, nor am I particularly interested in doing so at the next set of interviews, not least because any sample would likely be a biased - I had and have better things to do during interview days!
    I think Western wants to know why it has such a disparate gender ratio, despite a near-equality in admission offers, because it worries that women - including some women who would be considered top candidates - may be shying away from Western due to an environment or people who are unwelcoming towards women. For example - oh, I don't know - like a certain second year student who feels compelled to provide unprompted comments about female students' appearances on the internet, or one who likes to group people based on gender when there's absolutely no reason to do so.
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    lulu95 reacted to nbgirl93 in Gender Gaps In Medicine   
    I was gonna post something about your weird vendetta against women and how you seem to think we end up in medicine in higher proportions only when "unfair" methods are used.. but considering this lovely previous quote of yours that I found in your comment history:
    "I was one of those 2nd years helping out today.  I loved my first year - and thoroughly enjoyed O-Week.  Definitely try to do everything.
    The white coat ceremony was fun - as a guy it's nice to see all those new first year women in the skimpiest and shortest of dresses with high heels and hair and the old people in the crowd showing disaproval; especially because in a few weeks those clothes will be replaced by much more bummy clothing."
    ... I think it might not be worth the effort  
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