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  1. Asking for a friend: does the fact that they say they use the 3 most recent years for cGPA mean that applicants cannot apply for admission after their third year (i.e. when they only use the first 2 years of UG GPA in the calculation)?
  2. Toronto downtown region! Prolly st George campus, I had same thing last year
  3. Best of luck everyone! You got this such a surreal feeling seeing that OMSAS offer! And if it doesn’t work out, don’t give up- I applied 3x and did a masters first! The more pain you go through, the better it feels when you get in!
  4. For me last year I think it was was binge watching movies and couldn’t sleep, checked at 3AM and had an offer listed for u of t. You will find out soon enough if our year was a glitch or not
  5. U of T does a great job of detailing exactly what you need to do, with regards to setting up email, paying tuition, etc. They will email you consistently over the summer explaining how to do those things
  6. Alternatively, what McMaster may have done (totally a guess here), is set a threshold casper score. So even if you have a 132, 4.0 and bad casper you would hypothetically make it to the top of the list with their newly invented formula, they wouldn’t extend an offer. Whereas someone with a 128, 3.8 and a casper score that meets ‘said’ threshold would actually receive an offer first.
  7. Hey everyone! The button could totally mean nothing, but going back to my U of T offer last year (I took a screenshot of the offer On OMSAS the day I got in), and I had a ‘Reset Responses’ button. Who knows if that was always there though, so probably not worth stressing until Tuesday good luck everyone!
  8. Even if there was no pandemic going on, U of T has always been lenient with the completion deadline (at least for course based). I was a course based masters when I got in, and they gave me to literally the weekend before school started to submit my documentation.
  9. I had a 509 MCAT as an OOP and received an invite to my first choice campus at the first batch of wait list offers. Average wasn’t insanely high either (~90-91). Thought I did well on the interview!
  10. Good luck everybody! Hoping it works out for y’all. Was in exactly this same place a year ago and I know how anxious everyone must be! haha with regards to the OMSAS glitch I binge watched all the hangover movies and saw premed101 blowing up. Decided to check and was sweating as I logged in. Was thankful to see a U of T offer! Hopefully it wasn’t a glitch and same thing happens for u guys this year and u can celebrate throughout the night!
  11. If it doesn’t show on transcript your fine lol. I stressed about this so hard last year, ended up interviewing. And “violated” whatever the online course rule was.
  12. Haha thank you so much for all this info. Really really helps! I’m in 1st year, so just started - so defs lots of time. It’s just thinking about a competitive speciality and don’t want to get behind.
  13. Thank you everyone :)! And quick question, I know there are 8 weeks of electives for a certain speciality (which is usually 4 programs that last 2 weeks each). Does it make sense to do these 4 rotations at the schools/programs we want to match? Let’s say i want queens,Ottawa, Toronto and McGill as my top choices. I would pick these 4 as the spots to do electives, correct? And as a Toronto med student, do I get first pick for preceptor etc for electives.
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