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    pekingduck reacted to med_iris in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    Just got a personal email on the MD/PhD invite!!! Super hyped! 
    Nothing updated in OAS yet. Maybe MD/PhD II is a separate process. 
    Interview Date 2/4-2/5~
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    pekingduck reacted to BCGirl in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    I looked back through last years thread and it doesn't look like there were any, but hard to account for all the people who don't report their outcomes..
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    pekingduck reacted to BCGirl in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    Safe to say no more early invites and no rejections today? Anyone know if they have ever sent out rejections and invites on the same day (Thursday)? This is the longest three days of all time...
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    pekingduck reacted to yych208 in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    TIME STAMP: Dec 6 9:43AM PST
    Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite
    Early or Regular Deadline: Early
    AGPA (if applicable): 87-89?
    MCAT: sub 510
    ECs: Research, leadership, volunteering, sports 
    Current Degree: Completed BSc. in winter 2017
    Geography: IP

    NAQ from last year: 34
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    pekingduck reacted to vellichor in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    TIME STAMP: Dec 6 9:43AM PST
    Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite
    Early or Regular Deadline: Early
    AGPA (if applicable): ~91.5? (3.97)
    MCAT: 523
    ECs: Research (no pubs), NSERC, several mental health volunteering positions, various service clubs, hobbies, a couple jobs, tutoring teenagers with learning disabilities, some diverse activities (none super long-term)
    Current Degree: 4th year Psychology (Hon)
    Geography: IP
    super psyched
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    pekingduck reacted to 1432 in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    Got an invite. 9:43AM PST, early status.
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    pekingduck reacted to Chaplin in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    Interview Invite
    Early deadline
    Will post stats later.
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    pekingduck reacted to Persephone in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    TIME STAMP: 9:43 AM (December 6th)
    Interview Invite or Regrets: Invitation
    Early or Regular Deadline: Early
    AGPA (if applicable):  Last year was 87.52 (I took 3 more classes, should have had a net zero effect I think)
    MCAT: 513
    ECs: Improv theatre, volunteering one one one for 2 years with a mental health group home resident, lots of high school stuff from 10 years ago, 10 years of work experience in and out of government, working as a charity fundraiser, personal hobbies, uni model UN, exchange year, etc...
    Current Degree: BA in International Studies
    Geography: IP
    NAQ: Last year was 20.89 so clearly I improved this portion quite a bit, which I believe was both by being more inclusive of activities I left out before, and also writing way better descriptions for both my NA portion and my employment portion (I literally left my employment portion in point form last year and filled out the whole application in a very rushed 2 days).
    AQ: Last year was 27.12
    Picked the 11am spot on February 3rd! So excited and grateful!
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    pekingduck reacted to slickvic in Uoft Interview Discussion 2017   
    Tired of waiting
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    pekingduck reacted to Donald_Duck in Ottawa Doesn't Look At Ec's This Year For Invites?   
    Given that you people are starting to doubt the duck again, I will be a bit more specific.
    Every year the committee establishes a certain cutoff for both GPAs and Casper scores depending on the performance of the group. This could for example represent the top 30% of applicants (be in 70% percentile for Casper, and a GPA of 3.92 for example).
    After having met the cutoff, they will weigh your GPA 50% and your Casper score 50%.
    Hope that clarifies,
    Mr Duck
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    pekingduck reacted to FiftyshadesofMD in Interviews 2017 Invite/reject   

    Date Stamp: Jan 24th 2017 16:20pm

    Location: IP

    Stream: English

    wGPA: 4.00

    Current year: UG completed

    ECs: Musician, Badminton Champion, lots of volunteer jobs and many more ! 


    I physically hate the fact that a 4.0 is being rejected pre-interview !

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