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  1. No one knows 100% but it seems to be the top third of the class based on admissions statistics, not that that really matters in the end
  2. 2 years ago early admission emails were sent around May 17- that is only approximately 10 spots. The rest of the spots are released mainly in June and into July. Waitlist notifications will also be sent around this time as well. Applicant files will be closed the day before school starts, August 23, so if you are waitlisted you can receive a spot very late although it is unlikely.
  3. Typically scores are 31+, but it is not impossible to get in with a lower mark (28/29) if your other stats are really good. Only a small about of people get above 40, so 31-40 is your typical goal range.
  4. There is no penalty for asking! You should so you know how you did compared to what you thought. Then hopefully people will start posting on here and you can get an idea of where you stand! Post everyone, post!
  5. FYI, When I was on the waitlist two years ago I asked about what was the latest we would hear back and this is what I was told: "I will be closing all remaining files after day one of class Aug. 28/17 as sometimes accepted applicants change their mind, go another route and leave us with an open spot which we would then scramble to fill at that time." I got my rejection letter that year on Aug 28. This year class starts on August 26th, so you won't know for quite a while if it is a rejection, but you could also get an acceptance that late if they have a spot to fill or if anot
  6. Does anyone know if we can drop off our documents rather than mail them?
  7. Guys I did it! :') GPA: 3.73 DAT:70/90 Interview: 47/49 Edit: IP, completed bachelors
  8. It’s been May 18th for the past two years and it seems like they have transferred over to email correspondence.
  9. Is it emails or snail mail? Last year I got my waitlist by email but in the past waitlist offers have been given via mail. Have acceptances changed to email too or no?
  10. Many meds live in Windsor Park Plaza which is super nice, super close to UAH but very expensive. Concord tower is right across the street from windsor park plaza and is much less expensive. Campus housing: Newton Place houses many graduate students and families, right across from UAH. As well many live in the condo complexes by the UAH (garneu mews, university place, the place on 111th and 84ave that I can't figure out the name of) as well as on saskatchewan drive east of 109 St. Galen lofts is a good option if you are not opposed to loft style-housing. Lots of good places around it just
  11. ^ yes there are at least 5 errors but otherwise I found it comparable. Some years seem to be harder than others for the DAT. I really found speed to be the limiting factor though, so to me the more important skill is learning how to write the test not the questions themselves.
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