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  1. Some schools have a red-flag system where faculty, residents, med students - whoever is part of the application process - can add a note to the file of a med school applicant for egregious past behaviour or falsifying information. Of course this should be taken with discretion and is not a perfect system etc. Relevant to covid, if you saw evidence (e.g. instagram posts or seeing in person) of an undergrad applying to med school who was less compliant with covid protocol - would you raise a red flag? Where would you draw the line if so? e.g. from hosting a large indoor house party vs. joinin
  2. I just saw this and wanted to give my two cents. I am absolutely rooting for you to succeed in whichever career you pursue. My background is in engineering with a low GPA, didn't decide on med until a year after I graduated engineering and go into Queen's. Some similarities are striking, but my path differed from your plan quite a bit. I'm a stickler for being transparent, so I'll tell you my stats for you to compare. CGPA was ~3.3 on OMSAS, final 2 year GPA for queen's was ~3.7 out of undergrad (this was still too low in my opinion). I was half a year into my office-labor software engineer
  3. Result: Accepted, standard round (holy cow, didn't think I could do it with that cGPA) 2YRGPA: 3.75ish? cGPA: ~3.34 (lul, double major + minor degree in physics and electrical engineering and math, all honours degrees with strong upward trend etc., though I don't know if anyone cared about that detail) Grad School GPA: 3.97ish, made sure to take med and life science course as proving grounds Year: Final year of Master's MCAT: 517 EC: Several publications, some conferences, won some research award competing against 50+ residents in a surgery research conference, lots of
  4. I've been reading the FAQ about the interview format and want to clarify:when they say the station is 8 minutes and 2 minutes to prepare does that mean: -2 minutes to prepare and 6 minutes to answer? -2 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to answer? -Am I just mixing up different schools and there's no set time to read the prompt and answer and it's just 8 minutes in total? Read the applicant package and it's 2 minutes to read and 8min to answer, with an alarm for 1 min left Also: -Are they any alarms (e.g. 1 minute left?) -If they is extra time will the evaluator ask questions? O
  5. How does Alberta send out invite dates? (Haven't received one yet) I know for some other schools interview registration happens on some day and it's a race to go online and book a spot. Thing is due to some conflicts, I wasn't able to access the portal until today (8 days after interviews came out) and wanted to make sure I'm not in any danger.
  6. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 0920 wGPA/cGPA: 3.75ish? / cGPA = 3.34 by OMSAS (lol...), GPA during grad school was ~3.95 Year: 2nd year Masters MCAT: 517 (128 CARS) ECs: 1 upcoming first author publication in high-impact journal, 2 publications, (4th+ author), lots of research work in engineering, many regional conferences. Lots of volunteer/leadership activities (with national-level service awards for each), 10+ years for 3-4 volunteering activities teaching youth sailing, teaching outdoors survival, being a rescue guard in the surrounding bay area (each activity had 1500+ hours
  7. Haha I always show people this graph (first year average of studnets entering second year engineering programs) http://imgur.com/MX4ZQXt . Thought it's important to stay humble - there are a lot of weecked smaht people all around cmapus in Science, Arts, LFS, Kin, Music, and especially grad students that are also on campus. Can't really answer your other questions with confidence, though, sorry...
  8. As far as I can tell, all degrees are weighed equally. To empathize with you - I took engineering physics at UBC (8 science/engineering courses a term, 6 courses in summer - has years where I had 50+ credits) and I get how you feel. The thoughts usually go "I got 80% in the hardest program at UBC, why do I get placed lower than someone who got 86% in the easiest program? I would totally be more academically compatible in med school!". Heck, even our director says that our program is the hardest and we believe (with good reason) that getting 80% in this program is such a high achievment th
  9. Hey everyone, To those with a high NAQ, if you are comfortable with sharing, what did you put in your application? Particularly: -Long-term commitments? -Medical/health-related activities? -High performance activites? -Activites witth impressive results? (e.g. prevented company from losing $916,000,000 like Trump?) -Short but impressive activities? (e.g. 10-hour competition or something) -Research work? -Wording? Did you describe the activity, or build a story about your growth, or talk abotu facts and figures for accomplishments? -Breadth and filling out every section? -Uniqu
  10. Thinkin of applying in 2017-2018 cycle and onward. I am open to applying to more schools in Canada. Unfortunately, since UBC started removing pre-reqs, it is entirely likely that med would be even more competitive ...
  11. Thank you all for the reply. Currently I am considering the following options: 1. Continue current commitments, and keep reapplying 2. Continue current commitments, take time off to take courses at UBC (~3 courses a term as an unclassified student, hopefully will be able to bring up GPA compared to 8 courses a term...) for a year to qualify for Queen's 2YGPA using my final UG year and the time off year and reapply 3. Continue current commitments, apply for Master's (would be finished masters June 2018 tentatively) and reapply 4. Continue current commitments, quit pursuing MD in general
  12. Thank you for the response! Unfortunately I don't have 2 full course equivalents in life sciences to meet UofT's admission requirements. I emailed them and they didn't accept nuclear physics or biomedical signalling (NMR, PET, CAT scan theory, nuclear medicine...) as accepted courses I could take 3 more courses at UBC, not sure if it is worth it for a chance at UofT though...
  13. Hey everyone, I am a recent grad from engineering and am looking for a change in careers to med. Essentially the question I want to ask is: what should I do in the next year(s) to maximize my chances? Any suggestions/critique is highly welcome! Please excuse me if I include unecessary details below, I am not sure what is eligible for my application and what isn't! Background: I graduated from Engineering Physics at UBC (pretty much a double major of honours physics and electrical/computer engineering) and also minored in honours math. Originally I wanted to go into medical ima
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