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  1. What Ottawa is doing is literal horse sh*t. Hundreds of hardworking applicants are confused, sad and many of us DEPRESSED for not getting accepted. I also got told on interview day that there's a good/bad waitlist. Is anyone else feeling disgusted by this unexpected change?
  2. Keep in mind that many candidates drop their waitlist spot too. You have a chance, good luck! I'm also on the good waitlist and I'd like to know stats :/
  3. My friend is on the bad waitlist. It's not a myth... Good luck to everyone!!!
  4. French Stream waitlist movement anyone? Fingers crossed for everyone on the good waitlist and congrats to everyone who got accepted!!
  5. Thank you everyone for the support. <3 Best of luck to you all...
  6. were your answers also really brief and no more than 4 sentences..?
  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yes you guessed right it was an Ottawa panel... Fingers crossed and good luck next week
  8. Hi guys, I had a panel interview and the ethical scenarios given weren't controversial but oddly said to me (I would have had to take notes as she was talking..!!) and you bet.. I had no structured answer. They basically asked what would I do in this scenario but didn't ask me to say the pros and cons etc. I did answer and gave a few key points that turned out to be the right thing to do after some research. My answers came out as flustered and short (30 seconds max.. With lots of silence and thinking), and I was thinking a lot in front of them. Overall it wasn't great and I thought I did poo
  9. Thank you. You're saying 90 interviews for 48 seats so are CNFS interviews also included ?
  10. I know 2 candidates with a gpa above 9.7 (3.97+) having their interviews late March. it's a question of luck!
  11. Thank you for answering Mr Duck. Are you certain that there are 90 interviews total for French stream? Did you ask the admission office? Thank you for the clarification
  12. Indigenous students have a lower cgpa cut-off however I don't think they have reserved spots. I may be wrong though
  13. What are the chances of being admitted post-interview in the French program? 90 interviews for 48 spots? Or 90 interviews for 40 spots + 18 interviews (CNFS candidates) for 8 spots for a total of 108 interviews. Thank you for the clarifications! I am curious about the statistics
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