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  1. Result: Accepted GPA: 87.9 (Best 2) IP/OOP: IP DAT (AA + PAT): 21,19 Interview: Felt good about it walking out. But took it hard on my self the next day and on. I thought I said some stupid stuff but really, I was just being myself. Year of study: 4th year undergrad (Just finished exams 2 days ago!) ABS/PS: Pretty good ABS/PS. Research. Please PM for details I literally can not believe it, feels like a dream. Don't be discouraged from your grades in your first year. Didn't do great that year. That summer, I spent some time reflecting on what I needed to change in my life in order to ac
  2. ~ 200 people to rank... I wonder if they will quickly go through the ABS during the meeting when they evaluate our files. I don't think they'll have time to go through our personal statements though.
  3. 56 are accepted right off the bat, that leaves ~140 who get waitlisted or rejected. Does anyone roughly know how many people get waitlisted and how many get rejected?
  4. My interviewers were not taking any notes. Same with you guys? I think that supports your character/personality hypothesis, perhaps they score our whole interview out of 10? I felt good about it & confident walking out but felt bad about my content and how I presented it the next day.
  5. Just a heads up, the percentiles they gave us with the scores are from the Feb 2016 exam... They probably forgot to upload the new scale today. Be on the lookout tomorrow!
  6. 1st time Bio: Some weird ecology questions. Pretty good overall Chem: Decent, was pressed for time though PAT: Only did 2 PAT tests and I thought this went well surprisingly (except angles lol) RC: BRUHHHHHHHHH. Used search and destroy. First passage went fine, second and third passages I ate shit. I was scoring 20-21 on bootcamp... Probably going to rewrite in February because of RC. Anyone know if they remove any bio/chem questions?
  7. We hit 10 people! Our goal is 20! Its LIT af, PM me if you're interested! Last post, I promise
  8. We currently have 4 people. Common guys! Join, join, join!
  9. Hi all, I know there was a very active WhatsApp group for the DAT last year which was really helpful. I'd like to start one for the upcoming DAT in November. The idea is to have a space where all members could interact (ask questions, explain concepts, and answer multiple MC questions per day as a group). If you are interested, please pm me your cellphone number that you use for WhatsApp and I will add you to the group! Goodluck to all!
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