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  1. Hi everyone, So if one does medical school and wants to stay there for specialization, how long is the training going to be? it seems their training is different than in North America.
  2. Hello everyone, I have not applied to the Ottawa past 2 cycle since my wGPA was below 3.85 for this school. After the changes they have made to their GPA calculation, my GPA is at the cutoff 3.85. Do you think I should bother applying to Ottawa. I am applying through English in province stream. Can a good casper score salvage low end GPA. Anyone here who got it with similar GPA? Thanks,
  3. I intend to apply to Western and they only accept Canadian DAT from Canadian students. This so unfair! Either accommodate all the applicants so everyone can write the test or don't make it a requirement. Should we contact the universities to let them know. is there something we can do? has anyone wrote CDA and got a reply?
  4. Hi, I was under the impression that western only considered and had cutoff for , CP, Cars and BS. Is this is a new update for this year or they always had it like that?
  5. Hello, With the introduction of new Wgpa formula, my Wgpa dropped to 3.86. I was wondering if there is any hope of getting an interview with this kinda GPA for undergrad pool?
  6. Hey guys, I am not sure if i quite get the changes. So before used to be if you had full course load every year. They would drop 1 FCE from each year. For example, if I had 5 full year courses during my second year they would the lowest 1 full year course from my second year and 1 from each of the other years similarly. Now they decide to only drop 2 FCE from the whole transcript (the lowest grades)? Does this mean that those 2 FCE could be from the same year? Thanks in advance!
  7. Can you share about how many people got of waitlist in your class? trying to figure how many people are on the list
  8. Okay results are out. Thought I should start this post. Good luck everyone! Result: GPA: DAT: ABS: Interview:
  9. Hi, I was wondering how much did the western wait-list move last year? Any response is appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the R UofT. Now I am ready for the virus to take my life!
  11. Why can't they reject everyone at the same time. Whats the point of holding on to the Rs for hundreds of people. Waitlist is something along the lines of 50 people! Don't tell me they have not finished going through all apps yet! 10 days remaining to last interview day!
  12. Well I haven't heard back yet, but camera adds ten pounds! just saying!
  13. Seriously I do not think 200 people doing interviews would increase the chances of getting the virus significantly, if anything I think it just adds to the element of public panic. As long as they mention that they would compensate for people who might feel the symptoms and encourage everyone to stay safe and attend hospitals if they feel they are infected, there is no need to cancel or switch to online interviews.
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