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  1. Hello, I had some questions regarding the use of MCAT for Calgary MD program. Their website says the look at all the MCAT scores and use your highest CARS score for meeting the CARS cutoff requirement. My highest CARS score is 128 which should meet their cutoff. Based on my calculations getting rid of my lowest year, my GPA is also 3.89. My question is how important are the other sections of MCAT for receiving interview invitation, since my attempt with the 128 CARS is not the one with my highest total MCAT score. My highest MCAT score is 509. Is that even competitive. Is there any statis
  2. Hello, What are your thoughts and predictions on the MCAT cutoffs for 21-22 cycle? does Schulich have a hidden cutoff for Psyc section of the MCAT? Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This upcoming cycle 21-22 is the last cycle I am trying to apply to Canadian Schools. As my backup plan I am also applying to Australian medical school which I am positive I will receive admission to. However the Australian schools start in January 2022. My question is am I eligible to apply to Canadian medical schools and accept my offer of admission to australian schools, and if I got interview offers in January, do my interviews and In case of getting acceptance to Canadian schools, withdraw before end of semester from the
  4. Now here no one is denying going to Canada or US is better. But when you turn 27 and you have tried 4+ times to get in, I think its a waste of time. And as you said this info does not discriminate between good and bad applicants. USMLE score, Pubs, and rotation counts. And you can stay in Australia.
  5. I am in the same boat as the Poster. Lower MCAT though. Applying to Australia is what I am also thinking about. I do not know what people are talking about. As long as Canada and US are taking IMGs why can we not match to those residencies? Yeah maybe not the luxury options but Ped or Internal there is a good chance. Also Australia has a safety net.
  6. Hey everyone, Was wondering if any undergrad student got interview invite with GPA less than 3.9? Do you know of someone? Was wondering if there is any point to apply to UofT anymore? Appriciate any input!
  7. Has no one received an R for this cycle? Any new updates?
  8. Is it possible that they have changed the cut offs for DAT? Like is it possible the cutoffs are more than 18?
  9. Sorry if It sounded that way! I really meant the question. Like do you think its the same system? cause if that's the case we might still have a chance. we are all in the same boat here!
  10. We don't even know if anyone has received rejection yet! Does someone know anyone who got an R? I wish someone with an R would reply.
  11. I mean I got an interview last year! This does not make sense!
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