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  1. They clearly relied on it this year with some the GPAs that did/didn't get interviews.
  2. I think a couple years ago they looked at ECs pre-interview(?), but this past year was just CASPER and GPA, so they would need a very high CASPER grade. If they're a 3rd year applicant, I would say their chances are slim. It's too bad that Ottawa has no MCAT to standardize things a bit. The number of near perfect GPAs applying to Ottawa is insane...
  3. Only difference is that UWO med high waitlist clears in a few days because of the OMSAS centralized system. People hold onto dent offers all summer/til the last second :/
  4. It also came out early this year (I think). Lots of movement will happen in the next 2-3 weeks
  5. Why? Med acceptances will be shuffling around a lot over the next month and UWO deposit is due in just over 2 weeks. I think if you're high waitlisted, you'll more than likely get an offer sometime over the summer (especially within the next month).
  6. Last year was 38 people. Someone else (a current student) said it's typically 28-30. Maybe this year will be high again because with the introduction of the ABS there will be more overlap with competitive med applicants. I have a couple friends on the high waitlist for UWO and neither have been accepted yet. If anyone knows that they are not accepting their UWO offer, please let admissions know. Gives time to people who need to make fall plans or need to sign up for summer courses.
  7. None of my friends have been called for the waitlist yet. Might not have started
  8. How much do you think research will help your specialization application?
  9. My friend was told "people in your waitlist position in the past have received an offer." Don't overthink it... it means exactly what it says. If you received that email you have a great chance
  10. Ohh, that makes more sense lol. Change my statement to say at the latest waitlist position movement will start May 9th.
  11. I'm pretty sure that even if you call, they won't tell you anything due to "confidentiality policies" It's good to have high hopes, but don't put your life on hold
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