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  1. A few points: - I wouldn't worry too much about finances now. You'll have to take on debt no matter what but you have a big LOC that you won't have to start paying off for many, many years. Make a decision that is good for you now. - Public "reputation" of medical schools for undergraduate medical education is essentially irrelevant. Your match depends much more on your performance in your 4th year electives. Western does have a reputation of producing strong elective students. - Summers are nice (for CV building or for relaxing) - Lots of great clinical opportunities at We
  2. I agree with most of the other commenters in this post - I'm really not sure how much the MSc will help you. What I would do if I were you is take a year off to work. I would also consider re-writing the MCAT if you have time. A 128 in CARS is obviously solid but if you could bump it up to a 129 or 130 you'd be essentially guaranteed an interview at Western and it would certainly help you a lot for McMaster. I don't know much about US schools but having a higher MCAT score closer to 520 than 514 may well help you there too!
  3. Just declined my McMaster offer - good luck to everyone on the waitlist!!
  4. Result: Accepted to Waterloo Regional Campus! Timestamp: ~9am cGPA: 3.70 MCAT: CARS 130 ECs: Quite strong, pretty diverse Interview: Felt quite solid Geography: IP Year: Graduated BSc in 2017 Will very likely be declining this offer, good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  5. Result: Accepted! London Campus! Timestamp: ~10 am 2YGPA: 3.90 MCAT: 519 (129, 130, 131, 129) ECs: Fairly strong, quite diverse Interview: Felt good overall - stayed relaxed and was myself! Geography: IP, not SWOMEN Year: Graduated BSc in 2017
  6. Hi, I was accepted to McGill Medicine this year with a 3.70 cGPA. I worked hard to prepare for CASPer and thought my CV was pretty good. In general my advice would be to focus on things that are interesting to you. There are no 'required' extracurriculars so just do what you're passionate about! I also had a 519 MCAT which probably helped me a bit post-interview.
  7. Check Minerva again - there's now an acceptance letter!
  8. TIME STAMP: around 9am Result: Admitted! (MDCM) cGPA: 3.70, pre-reqGPA: ~3.60 MCAT: 519 ECs: Pretty strong, lots of diversity Year: Graduated BSc in 2017 IP/OOP/International: IP Thought my interview was alright overall but not good enough for an acceptance! I think I did badly on 2 stations but I guess the other 8 must have been good! Very happy to be admitted considering my low GPA!!
  9. I got an interview this year with a 3.70 GPA and 130 CARS! You need to assess your application as a whole. If you have a lower GPA you'll need a higher CARS score and CASPer score!
  10. So do I! I wonder how the MCAT score is scaled to make up 10% of the decision. From what people are saying above it sounds like it is based on ranking compared to other candidates? Although not all candidates have an MCAT score...
  11. Time Stamp: Jan 25th 3:51pm Invite: Yes! IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: No 2YGPA: 3.90 MCAT: 129/130/131/129 (519)
  12. TIME STAMP: around 4pm Result: Invite! cGPA: 3.70 MCAT: 519 ECs: PM Year: Completed my undergrad in 2017 IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No CASPer: Practiced very hard. Thought it went pretty well!
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