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  1. Today might be the day? Came out around 1130 last Tuesday
  2. If the omsas thing doesn’t get fixed today and you guys can’t accept/reject your offers, does that mean waitlist might not move tomorrow?
  3. Isn’t that forbidden by omsas? I thought once you accept an offer you can’t accept an offer from another school after
  4. when do you guys think the WL will move again? Tuesday?
  5. First round of waitlist offers and it's already going to Windsor campus? holy...
  6. Maybe because they matriculated more this year? Just grasping at straws here
  7. Yeah you’re right.. just getting a bit antsy I guess i know the waitlist moves a lot for queens but just not sure how big the list actually is
  8. Any idea how many offers queens historically sends out in the first wave of waitlist offers?
  9. Anyone know approximately how many offers usually go out in the first wave next week?
  10. Has anyone in the past ever gotten into the London campus off the normal waitlist before? Or is it just Windsor for the normal waitlist
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