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  1. I would totally be interested in practicing over Skype since I don't live neat you. Message me and we can plan something out
  2. Do we need to mail McGill any documents at all? (like the official transcript) Or are they all scanned thought Minerva?
  3. I was supposed to start my Casper at 4pm but I had technical difficulties during the start of my exam, and couldn't start it until 4:10!! Will this make a difference in my score? Do the questions start at the beginning or did I miss some scenarios? I'm freaking out!
  4. If I apply to both Med and Dentistry in the same cycle, would the university know? And does it look bad? I am just tired of getting rejected from med and figure I would also be happy being a dentist
  5. I know that in some circumstances McGill will allow you to take some prereqs online, like through Athabasca. The problem is that the physics courses at Athabasca University are all "take home" labs. Does anyone know if McGill accept these?
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