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  1. What are your thoughts on practicing in Canada vs the US?
  2. Yeah there's also issues with the Canadian curriculum not being as MLE focused + problems acquiring visa in time for starting residency, so I wouldn't try matching to both. To clarify, are most Canadian schools P/F or are program directors able to see grades/percentile ranks? I know some American schools are "P/F" or on a similarly vague graduated system, but the actual grades are recorded and made available during the match process; so in reality, it's not actually a P/F system in that your actual grades do end up being relevant.
  3. How does residency matching work in Canada? Is it based on exam scores/grades/another objective measure of capability?
  4. Would it be worth it to bail on this acceptance in the event that a Canadian school offers admission? I would be eternally grateful to attend any medical school in North America, but in the event that I have options to choose from, which should I go for?
  5. Hey everyone, If I was offered admission to an American MD program, would it be worth attending an American school if I am offered admission to a Canadian program?
  6. Thank you for the video/inspo! Do you know if the min accepted GPA of 3.66 was the cGPA or wGPA? (I'd imagine it would be wGPA) I think my AEE/essays are compelling based on comments from people who reviewed them, but I guess we'll see. Love your username btw!
  7. Alas, I am aware of this. I guess I'm also trying to gauge how much of the class is comprised of people who presented with not-so-stellar GPAs in a cohort of seemingly exceptional, well-rounded applicants.
  8. Hi everyone, I know there's countless "what are my chances?" threads out there, but I'm coming at you with a legitimately low GPA. I wrote an AEE; I have good ECs, good MCAT (surpasses cutoffs), unique essays, and good LORs (one from an MD, two from profs; one addresses a cool social initiative). Is it futile to hope for an interview invite, let alone an acceptance? Also, how subjective is the essay/AEE/LOR/ABS review?
  9. Is using specific names of mentors in our ABS essays okay? I just realized it may be problematic for anonymity, but I've already submitted my essays :/
  10. Hi everyone, Do we have to explicitly mention words from the clusters/attributes in our essays or can we use synonyms/talk about the general ideas? In other words, are they looking for buzzwords or thematic allusion to the clusters/attributes? I.e. talking about how I managed my time but not mentioning "time-management" or talking about accountability without mentioning "responsibility" Thanks!
  11. Don't see why they can't use the same test, it's just a SJT after all.
  12. For those of us applying to both Canadian + American med schools: do we write the CASPER test once, or are there different versions of the CASPER test?
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