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  1. Anyone still waiting to be matriculated? Haven't heard back yet! (Came off WL May 25)
  2. Result: Accepted off the Waitlist (Hamilton Campus) at 2:34PM cGPA: 3.85 CARS 129 Interview: Felt good for most of the stations, some were just okay! Year: Graduated 2016 Geography: IP I will be accepting my offer
  3. Sounds good! I'll send an email to all the schools today. Thanks for your help The deadline for my masters application was the last week of January! They sent out the acceptances this week. I think it depends on your program as they all have differing dates.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Sorry I guess I wasn't clear. The masters program begins in September but I have to accept by April 3. Are there any repercussions if I do get into med and decline the masters later in the summer? I would think this has happened before as students apply to both med and grad school
  5. Hey everyone, I just got into a Masters program at UoT and I have to accept by April 3. Although I am so grateful for the opportunity, I also have 2 med interviews which I won't hear from till May 9. Does anyone know the policies for masters acceptance in these cases? Do I just accept this masters and when I hear from med (and if I'm luckily accepted) decline later? If this application cycle doesn't work out for med I would really like to do this masters so I'm hesitant about letting them know where they are on my priority list Thanks in advance!
  6. If med school is the ultimate goal, I would do the undergrad and increase GPA. Sure the MPH sounds good, but it doesn't make up GPA deficit. ALL schools need a good GPA but only SOME schools give preference to graduate students (Toronto grad stream, 1% for Mac, etc).Unfortunately, undergraduate GPA is king! By doing 2 more years (and doing well on both grades and MCAT) Queen's and Western are solid possibilities! Additionally, other schools based on grade calculations. Again lots of unknowns here but over all just my 2 cents
  7. Just to clarify, I have already graduated (both 2nd and 4th aren't eligible!), thus I can't get a conditional interview. Also sorry for derailing this mods!
  8. Time Stamp: Jan. 31 at 1:55 PM Invite: No IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: No 2YGPA: 3.69, 3.97 (only first and third year applicable due to pass/fail classes) MCAT: 515 (127/129/128/131) Didn't realize it was each individual year assessed, not the cumulative of the 2 years. Hit the MCAT cutoffs but missed GPA by 0.01. RIP Edit: For those asking, I have already graduated (2nd and 4th not eligible) thus I can't get the conditional offer
  9. Hey! I did a professional program undergrad degree as well and there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind for different schools. First, note how many pass/fail classes (or practicums) you have in each year. The summary below assumes you have taken a full course load (pass/fail classes still count as credits) 1. McMaster: Will look at ALL classes (including summer) and will not mind your pass/fail courses or clinical practicums 2. Toronto: Does not look at summer grades. You will be eligible for weighted GPA; however, you must drop pass/fail courses first (ex. If you have 6
  10. Really? Isn't that a bit excessive for only 100 spots? Western only does 450 for 170 spots
  11. Hey guys, congrats to all who got an interview! Does anyone know how many invites they send out?
  12. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 4:05 PM (EST) wGPA: 3.88 Year: Graduated MCAT: 127/129/128/131 (515) ECs: Healthcare worker + Research/Pubs + Unique ECs Geography: IP
  13. Yep, I hit the cutoffs as well (IP-NONSWOMEN) but I haven't received anything either
  14. Have there been people who hit both the MCAT and GPA cutoff (for IP-NONSWOMEN) and NOT get the interview?
  15. Time stamp: 9:22 am Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.84 CARS: 129 Casper: Spent a lot of time prepping so it felt really good IP Completed UG
  16. From personal experience, I did so much better on the "hard" courses that I was interested in versus the "bird" courses that I could care less about. Maybe take a look at the courses offered in each program and see if you would enjoy them. Also, see if you can talk to a student in those programs. Ask about course load/difficulty/support! If I was in your position I would take the program you are most interested in - then during first term just focus on grades and more importantly how to study! (you have 4 years for ECs and research)
  17. There are specifics on how each school calculates programs with COOP placements. Check their website and if it's not on there then just send them an email. One thing to think about, however, is that COOP can give many valuable experiences and things to talk about in future interviews!
  18. I think the CARS and VR scores are compared by their bottom percentile range, rather than their upper boundary. (Should be on the AAMC file) That being said, the old 11 had a really wide percentile range, where as new CARS 128-130 pretty much covered roughly the same percentile area as the old 11. It seems like the new MCAT differentiates scores in that percentile range more than the old one. (Ex. Verbal 13-15 are all 100% vs. 129 ~ 92-95, 130 ~96-98). Overall 129 is > 11 if you compare bottom percentile
  19. I was accepted for a publication at a relatively small journal and as a single author. My verifier was my contact at the publishing company (Not my research supervisor as this was an independent literature review + case study article), and I placed this contact's details on OMSAS. However, I was informed that both the journal and my contact have moved publishing companies. This means that my paper will be published later than what I placed on OMSAS AND the details for my contact will have changed. I attempted to make the changes on OMSAS but they told me I could not make any further modifi
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