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  1. Hey! After ranking of their choices, how are people placed in the different academies?
  2. Hi all! How much do you think luck plays a role in interviews, once you're looking at multiple interviews? Here are my thoughts: I believe that receiving multiple post-interview rejections may indicate an issue with the method of answering questions, demeanour, body language, or some sort of discrimination/bias/red flag, etc. which can certainly be worked on/fixed for upcoming cycles. Of course, there is also an element of luck here, but with multiple post-interview rejections it is likely that other factors are at play as well. But I also think that once you are past a certain thresho
  3. Doesn't U of T's new foundations curriculum address this? Mac is certainly a leader and innovator in its pedagogy, and I think now many school's are incorporating more PBL-esque teaching
  4. Hi, I couldn't find any information on the website or in the emails U of T recently sent, so hopefully someone here can chime in! Is there any way we can verify that our consent form and deposit was received (for those who are outside Toronto and mailed it)? I don't want to be a bother to enrolment services if it's not necessary, and I would hope that if something went wrong and they didn't receive it, they'd reach out. Thanks!
  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (and I really hope I'm wrong about this!), but I thought it was like a lottery so we can't actually be sure which academy we'll be in until July? And I imagine most people would already have a place to stay by then!
  6. Awesome, thank you for your response schmitty! So to my understanding most of the time will be spent at St. Mikes (anchor), and St. Joes would be less frequent?
  7. Like Dr. Zoidberg, I also got a very relaxed and outgoing vibe from both schools, but I was hoping you could clarify what you mean by the more competitive atmosphere of U of T! Is that in the sense that it's harder to make meaningful connections and/or more "cutthroat/impersonal/detached"? Thank you
  8. Accepted to VFMP, what an incredible honour! OOP MCAT: >520 GPA: >95% Interview: Felt great (sorta iffy on one station) on the MMI component, and so-so on the essay. Had an incredible time in the beautiful city of Vancouver I may or may not take this offer. Will have a very difficult time deciding on UBC (a new adventure, an amazing school and city) vs U of T (close to home, always been a dream). Any insight would help!
  9. Hi there! I know it's still early to think about this, but due to my family situation I may run into some trouble with location, so I would be very grateful if an upper year student could help clear something up regarding academies! If you want to stay downtown, would Fitz and WB both be suitable? I guess it's more of a question for Fitz (although St. Mike's is downtown, St. Joseph's is a bit outside of the core). Again any input would be a huge help! PS. I know that the opportunities are excellent at all academies, it's just that location may cause problems for me down the road
  10. On what basis can you make such a broad statement? I'm not trying to single you out or anything, I'm genuinely curious if "poor quality of life" is a common experience for those at U of T.
  11. While this is sound advice, I'd like to present another perspective. I wrote my MCAT in August after second year, and had to self-teach orgo, biochem, some physics (electromagnetism), psych, and soc, with no courses taken in any of these topics. Orgo and biochem were indeed the most difficult topics to tackle solo, but it's 100% doable if you put in the time. I think studying a year in advance isn't necessary, as you may hardly remember the concepts. I put in about two months of full-time studying (~9 hours of studying per day) and was very, very happy with my score. Would it have lightene
  12. Thanks, good luck to you too I don't quite remember exactly how long, but they felt like a natural/normal length to me! My main issue was with understanding the scenario I guess
  13. I think it certainly depends on the context. For example, in one of my MMI acting stations, the prompt said I "MUST" do X to one of my employees (you can probably infer what I had to do!). Other times it might be more ambiguous, but I understood "must" to be a pretty extreme term. Then again, if you have a clear progression and logical thought process but don't reach the final action, I don't think that's necessarily a big deal, even in a "must" situation. I could be wrong, just my two cents.
  14. I had a somewhat similar experience at a panel interview. The person telling me the scenario kept going back and changing/adding details, jumping all over the place in their depiction of the scenario, and I had the faintest idea of what exactly was going on! The "explanation" of this scenario seemed to take almost a full minute, and so by the time the person finished, I couldn't muster the courage/tenacity to ask them to repeat it. In retrospect, it probably would've been better to ask for clarification/repeat! Remember, they expect everyone to be nervous. I don't think what you've describ
  15. Hi there! I have heard that Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in North America (and that draws many people to the city, myself included), but I am wondering if this is reflected in the ethnic diversity of the med school?
  16. Very fair point! There will always be things to occupy us, things get busier, etc. and building up a relationship is an investment of time and effort. But you should still consider the fact that there's a lot riding on those undergrad years and there isn't quite as much stability (i.e. your "fate" is still largely undecided!). For example, a breakup can take a huge toll on a person, and imagine if the timing of that was before your MCAT -- then you could be looking at a wasted summer and a rewrite next year! Maybe someone else could explain it more eloquently than me
  17. Hahaha as a guy this has also been a worry of mine, I'm concerned everybody's already gonna be in long-term relationships! Some of us just weren't interested in dating during undergrad
  18. Wait, you officially became boyfriend/girlfriend on the day you met her? Fellas need to start taking notes from you, anbessa
  19. Oh shoot, with the exception of the stations with an actor where it was explicit that I'd be interacting with one person, I still tried to make eye contact with the other person in the room (the evaluator I guess). Is that bad?
  20. I'll add my 2 cents: it's the most unusual MMI I've had thus far, but by far the most fun
  21. I know of people who felt gutted after the interview, and talking to them afterwards they swore in frustration about how harsh their panel was and about how poorly they thought they did -- and they were accepted, first round. Remember, an interviewer can smile and nod the whole time and rank you poorly, whilst another interviewer can be stone-faced and/or challenge you, and give you top marks. Did your best, leave it at that I am sure you did excellent anbessa, as with the rest of you! Wish the rest of us luck who are interviewing tm and in the weeks to come!
  22. Right on, so would this fall under Proof of Enrolment? I previously uploaded a screenshot of my timetable for this semester for that! I am mostly wondering if we need to send them our actual grades for this semester (and I guess this past semester)!
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