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  1. Wow eng phys I never thought I see one of you going to med. I heard from my engineering friends that it is crazy hard to get into and do. Ok. I get that it is hard to judge whether an ir major taking 5 courses a term is a better candidate than a chemistry major taking 5 or 6 courses a term. But how come a double major candidate who took 7 courses a term gets compared the same to someone who took 3 courses a term? That is literally more than double the work. Shouldn't cases like these get a closer look?
  2. if I apply to UBC for med after doing a double major in mathematics and chemistry and a minor in computer scinece and was wondering how does UBC factor in your degree into the calculation of the academic score? Do they take the difficulty of courses into account? From what I heard it seems that UBC doesnt. It sounds very unfair that if I got an 82% in a 7-course-per-term science degree gets a singificantly lower score than someone who got 88% in a 3-course-per-term degree since it seems the former studnet is more likely to do well academically in medicine. I feel that placing all degrees e
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