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  1. Accepted !!! Time stamp: 9:31am EST cGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 129/129/129/131(517) ECs: Diverse, and long term. A lot of medical technology related work Interview: Didn't feel like it was this good. Definitely blew 1 station Year: Graduated Undergrad Geography: IP
  2. I believe people are overlooking the fact that CASPER is worth 33%. The same way a 3.95+, 130+ CARS applicant would need a "good" CASPER to presumably be close to top 100, a 3.95+, 128 CARS, that killed CASPER would probably put him in that same range. We don't know the distributions for each category. I think there would definitely be high GPA, MCATS in the top 100, but seeing high stats without a button does not disprove the button theory to me. They could be just outside the top 100. Regardless , we just have to wait till Tuesday before we can comment on the button.
  3. Maybe there's alot of space left, and they felt comfortable releasing at least a few before the deadline
  4. round 2 you mean? unless i missed something
  5. It is not set, it varies year to year based off how many decline their initial offer
  6. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 9:20 am Interview Date: cGPA: 3.83 Year: graduated UG MCAT: 129/129/129/131-518 ECs: owner of business, research, president of some clubs, long standing volunteering Geography: IP
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