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  1. A few years ago someone said that the pre-interview score is like 60% GPA, and the other 40% is ABS, Letters, and Essays are around 8%. Then, the pre-interview score ends up being 50% of your final score, and the other 50% is your interview score. Has any such breakdown ever been verified?
  2. lol not true at all. 50% of their class goes into family and probably another 20% into internal med. you just need to find better referees and probably fix up your ABS.
  3. @ScrewJJay thank you for the advice! it is much appreciated. regarding the final point... I can't speak for JJay or MD Consultants as I am not familiar with them... BUT as a candidate who wasn't confident in my interview skills, I did seek professional help from a company (I won't name publicly so as not to promote them here) but I found them to be extremely beneficial in terms of their methodical approaches and strategies to answering questions, as well as in getting my confidence up prior to my interviews. nonetheless, there is no way you won't overpay for these services... they
  4. It's as close as you can probably get but not perfectly linear. Because AQ is out of 50 and someone with 100 should have 50/50 but according to your formula: 100*1.626-115.7=46.9 Also when you apply some of the rejectee's scores, the AQ value is off by some decimals when this formula is used.
  5. I thought in past years offers were made until early to mid June? This time, they're all done in 2 days?
  6. Yes, screenshot please - there is too much conflicting information, we need some clarity!
  7. To be fair, last year on May 12, no one posted about a bad list in the Accepted/Waitlist/Reject thread either. Still hoping a few people do, so that it can be confirmed.
  8. ...or has anyone not received a response yet? Perhaps bad waitlist isn't sent out yet?
  9. Can anyone confirm that the good/bad waitlist system is still alive this year? I haven't seen a single bad waitlist post yet. I hope were not wrongly assuming that were on the good waitlist... Although I do understand it's very difficult for those who are on the bad waitlost to post right now.
  10. That's the first time I've actually seen that on their website. Has the site been updated recently? That's also not what they told us on interview day, regarding how post interview rankings are done.
  11. What's your source for the "90 interviews for 40 spots"? Also "very different from the 575 interviews for 116 spots" -- you mean the 90 French interviews and 20 CNFS spots aren't included in 575?
  12. I'm curious to know this too. 164 spots for 575 interviewees. Since there's a 116/48 English-French split, I wonder (and hope) that the interviewees are also split proportionally.
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