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  1. Do you mean the UofT financial aid office? I have been trying to call but cannot seem to get through, I am going to go in person tomorrow.
  2. Going to tag on here, my estimate was: Grant - 8900 Loan - 8400 My actual is: Grant - 811 Loan - 9818 Major discrepancy, wondering what I can do about this?
  3. So this question is mostly directed to upper year med students at MAM and/or currents residents who were in MAM. I am starting at MAM this year and was wondering if being at the Mississauga campus poses any challenges for getting into a competitive specialty? From the more competitive specialties, I am interested in EM, CV surgery, and vascular surgery. More importantly, if it does pose any challenges, what can be done to get around them? Also, I understand that more competitive residencies expect applicants to have research experience in that specialty and that most of the good research
  4. @Super Nova I was going to take it as an online course at Athabasca @dancemom How long did it take you to complete the course? Did you take it in the online individualized format? In order to apply to McGill's medical school, I need to submit my grades for the course by January 15th. How quick was athabasca in terms of providing you with your marks?
  5. Has anyone who has taken organic chemistry at Athabasca comment on the course's difficulty and structure compared to other universities? Background: I currently need to take organic chemistry 1 and physics 2 to apply to McGill (need to submit grades by jan 15th). I would have taken orgo there but it is scheduled at exactly the same time as physis 2 so I can't. If someone knows about other online options, that would be appreciated too!
  6. Does anyone know how multiple attempts will factor into the application process for Canadian medical schools? If someone older who has been on the admissions committee could reply, I would greatly appreciate it. I understand that most Canadian schools have either a best or most recent score is used for calculation policy. However, I also remember hearing in UofC's admissions information session that while the focus is on your best CARS score, they also consider how many attempts it took you to get that score. The number of attempts was included in something called "global assessment of a
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