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  1. Same here... I'm at Hamilton campus and very much down.
  2. I believe that it's shown as soon as you enter the grades.
  3. Related question: why is that email address through mosaic @mcmaster.ca rather than @medportal? Maybe they've changed that this year?
  4. Mac's is for three years. So per year, it is technically more than UofT, but you're studying for one fewer year so it's only ~83k. For whatever that is worth
  5. Any of y'all get any information about how to pay the deposit yet? Maybe it's after they're done going through the WL.
  6. Hey congrats on your offers! Wondering though... wasn't May 23th the deadline to decide? Or were both offers off of the waitlist? Either way, congrats! I don't think you can go wrong. I have heard that 4 year programs have the advantage of allowing students to complete all their core rotations before doing electives. As well, they allow students more time to decide which specialty to pursue. I'm sure others who are current students will be happy to help you!
  7. Oh alright. I submitted mine a few days back and haven't gotten a confirmation. Ill probably give them until next week before asking about it.
  8. Same, haven't received it yet either. Have you guys been getting confirmation emails after submitting things on your checklist (i.e BLS, Police Check or Health Forms)?
  9. Just curious... did your OMSAS confirmation give any mention of which school you accepted/declined? All I got was an email with subject "SAM - Changes Reviewed" with a confirmation number. Is that what you're talking about? Thanks!
  10. That sounds risky, I would call whichever school you got into and maybe ask what time exactly their offer expires!
  11. I think Chem 2223 was helpful for the MCAT and I didn't find it more challenging than 2213. Genetics was a really weird course... I suggest trying to get all your marks from tutorials/quizzes b/c the tests can be quite random. If you study hard though, it's not that bad.
  12. Related question: on OMSAS when I was accepting the offer, it mentioned something about ordering a transcript to send to the accepted school. However, my Mac acceptance email's conditions did not include one about the transcript. I'm a graduating master's student, so does this mean I don't have to order a transcript through OMSAS or send one to Mac? Thanks guys!
  13. Interesting... I'm curious why Calgary's backpack colour would be the same as ours. They're not in Ontario, and isn't the backpack an OMA thing?
  14. I'm also curious about this, and when can we start applying?
  15. Hey guys, I received offers from Western and Mac, and I'll be deciding in the next few days. Unfortunately, I won't be in the city for another few weeks because I'm leaving tomorrow. I know I can accept either offer while away because the process is done online. My question is... is it alright if I get my police check and vulnerable sector check now, ahead of time? Or do I have to wait until I choose a school before I can do that? Thanks! I appreciate any insight.
  16. Result: Accepted at London! Timestamp: 12:14 pm wGPA: 3.88 MCAT: above cutoffs Interview: Felt great overall. Year: 2nd year master's Geography: Non Swomen
  17. Accepted @ Hamilton Timestamp: 8:29AM GPA: 3.80 CARS: 129 IP - 2nd year master's Interview: Most stations felt pretty good, a couple were mediocre and for one I kinda misunderstood the question.
  18. Woah that is surprising... has this ever happened before? for any school, ever?
  19. LOL the counting blue cars method isn't bad... probably less heart attack inducing tbh.
  20. Invalid username/pw lol... it's letting you sign in? Edit: Nevermind... it just let me in. So odd. Sorry guys lol... but for Owl, my Med Admissions tab is gone. I need something to do this week -.-
  21. That looks delicious btw... also, am I the only one who can no longer sign in to the SSO page (the link from the first email)? This sounds obsessive but I tried signing it and it won't let me :\
  22. Just curious... have decisions ever been sent out early? There's really no way they'll release them before May 9th? My patience is running out and my summer plans are on hold cause of this Edit: Also, do you guys still have the 'medicine interviews' tab on their Owl page?
  23. I had a related question for MMI scoring. When grading, do the assessors have to rank the interviewees? For example, does each assessor have to give out half their scores below 5/10 and the other half above 5/10? Basically, I'm curious if randomly being in an exceptionally strong circuit can really hurt your chances. Also, does anyone know if assessors are interviewers in just one circuit, or multiple throughout the application cycle? Thanks!
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