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    whyKD reacted to NeedACar in Others Planning to Writw USMLE Class 2020   
    I've had a few people also reach out to me through message, so maybe closer to O-week I'll make a FB group (if everyone has/uses fb) just so we know who's interested?
    Very glad to see others are going to be taking this on!
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    whyKD got a reaction from 011235813 in Others Planning to Writw USMLE Class 2020   
    Same here... I'm at Hamilton campus and very much down.
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    whyKD reacted to greensurR in For Them Waitlisters   
    thanks guys!
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    whyKD reacted to MedHopeful94 in Mcmaster Deposit Information   
    I called today and they said it should be coming out this week, they're just waiting until all the spots are filled.
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    whyKD reacted to WTG21 in Good Way To Learn About Finances?   
    Hey guys, I thought learning about finances, taxes, etc. may be a good idea before starting medical school. It's embarrassing how little I know about these things. Could you guys suggest some great ways for me to learn about them this summer? Thanks.
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    whyKD got a reaction from DrNietzsche in Mcmaster Deposit Information   
    Oh alright. I submitted mine a few days back and haven't gotten a confirmation. Ill probably give them until next week before asking about it.
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    whyKD reacted to rmorelan in Medical School Debt - Impact On School Choice   
    I am probably one of the most frugal people on this forum - that is just the type of person I am. I loath debit with a passion. I despise loans of any kind. I still don't think the debit should be a serious consideration in picking the right school for you. This is one of those few times when you are making a critical investment and you have make sure you get the most out of it. 
    You have to pick a school that will let you succeed to the point that you will achieve the next step for you, and become the best doctor you can be. In the end that leads to a greater chance of getting your residency position of choice and going from there.
    That is not to say the debit isn't an annoyance to say the least, just that it is overwhelmed in my mind by more important considerations. 
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    whyKD reacted to thuls.m in Post Interview Discussion   
    I'm gonna explode if that's the case ... I can't even get out of bed until I hear back
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    whyKD reacted to haplo12 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Accepted - Unspecified campus 
    Time Stamp: 12:06PM
    GPA: 3.85
    MCAT: 33 (11,11,11)
    Interview: Felt very good about it 
    Writing Sample: Felt good about it too
    IP, Non SWOMEN
    2015 Undergraduate 

    I feel like I'm in a dream, hope all of you guys get good news today or in the coming weeks. 
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    whyKD reacted to SunAndMoon in Post Interview Discussion   
    AdComs were probably reading the thread and realized you cracked the code!!!! 
    I expect your med admissions tab to reappear on Owl in the next 15 minutes. 
    tbh ive been way crazier with apps. you should hear me with friends.
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    whyKD reacted to SunAndMoon in Post Interview Discussion   
    Please don't think this means anything. I've applied and interviewed at other schools a couple of times and the kinks and glitches they've had led to people going crazy with theories everywhere: 99.99% of those are wrong. 
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    whyKD got a reaction from milie.08 in Post Interview Discussion   
    Just curious... have decisions ever been sent out early? There's really no way they'll release them before May 9th? My patience is running out and my summer plans are on hold cause of this

    Edit: Also, do you guys still have the 'medicine interviews' tab on their Owl page?
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    whyKD reacted to aray623 in Post Interview Discussion   
    Mine isn't on OWL anymore
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    whyKD reacted to RicardoKaká in 2017 Post Interview Thoughts   
    Can we just fast-forward 14 days...
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    whyKD reacted to bigcheese in Does Mcmaster Drop Stations?   
    I have heard that McMaster drops your best and worst station but this was on the 2011 forum, does this policy still hold.
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    whyKD reacted to kbilal08 in Electives At Canadian Schools As Us Md Grad   
    Hey Everyone
    I'm going through a bit of a dilemma here.  Could someone please clarify/provide some more info for me on the topic of applying for away electives. 
    I was hoping to do away electives during my 4th year at at least 3-4 Canadian institutions.  I did NOT realize that I would be considered as an International applicant for electives.
    I am a Canadian citizen, I did my undergrad at U of Toronto, I'm completing MD at a school in New York City.  Even for the CaRMs application, i'm considered a Canadian graduate rather than an international medical graduate.
    Am I just confused? Or am I really an international medical graduate for the purposes of Electives?
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    whyKD got a reaction from SunAndMoon in Post Interview Discussion   
    You think? I do wonder when they actually have their rankings/list compiled and if that's quite a while earlier than the admissions offer date.
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    whyKD reacted to 1994 in Post Interview Discussion   
    Officially 2 weeks away from being 2 weeks away.
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    whyKD reacted to ihsh in Comparisons Between Campuses   
    Hello everyone,
    I am currently in the process of ranking the three campuses of MacMed, and I was wondering if I could get some insight into the following areas:
    1) Opportunities and CaRMS matching:
    How do the three campuses compare when it comes to research and shadowing opportunities? How much will these differences ultimately affect residency matching? (I know it's a little bit early to worry about this right now, but I'd just like to be informed...) Does your campus affect where you can do your electives?  
    2) Living Cost/ location
    In Hamilton, student housing is approximately $400-$500 per month. Are the living costs comparable at the other two locations? I likely won't be driving. Are there certain campuses where not having a car will pose difficulties?  
    Thanks in advance!
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    whyKD reacted to RichardDegrasseSagan in Can Someone Clarify These Myths(Truth)?   
    Cause you met the pre-interview cutoffs. Don't worry yourself, my 3.61 cGPA falls in the same Z-score range as your CARS. And there have been people that have gotten in with worse GPAs.
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    whyKD reacted to MunHeon H. in Uoft Interview Discussion 2017   
    i just received my rejection! xD 
    although i am a little disappointed, im glad to have an answer. now that uoft is out of the picture, i hope my mmi was well received at queens this past weekend. fingers crossed!
    good luck to everyone else!
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    whyKD reacted to RichardDegrasseSagan in Uoft Interview Discussion 2017   
    Reading this was hilarious. Your guys' arguments were so civil and rational that you sounded like a bunch of bots lmao
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    whyKD reacted to trimethoprim in How To Stay Motivated In The Face Of Rejections   
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    whyKD reacted to Olaf in Post-Interview Discussion   
    I remember most of what I was asked and most of how I answered, which means I remember how much rambling I did as my brain tried to process the question and then catch up with my mouth, which had already started spewing nonsense to fill the void lol
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    whyKD reacted to Sauna in What To Wear On Interview Day?   
    I've been procrastinating on these forums so much ever since interview invites and I noticed that the first page of the "most replied to" threads under the "Medical School Interviews" is basically all about either MMI prep resources or what girls should wear:
    A combined total of 25 pages of KNAWLEDGE! Happy reading  
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