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  1. That’s very kind, thank you so much! I’m sorry that you didn’t get one. Don’t worry though, there’s always next cycle. I never thought I’d take a gap year yet here I am.
  2. Can someone give me a reasonable explanation as to why this may be? I don’t understand why they can’t have interviews earlier, like every other school. The DAT doesn’t factor into interview selection, so what’s the hold-up???
  3. Hey! Do you mind sharing what the interview score was out of? As in, 35 out of what?
  4. Yeah it’s a tricky situation. I really hope they take the DAT into consideration, it would just be unfair otherwise. They should’ve made it a rule that the DAT must be taken by November.
  5. I just want you to know that you've given me so much hope. I didn't apply this cycle but will be doing so next year. Congratulations and all the best doc!
  6. OOP 4.33 GPA 26 DAT Rejected because one of my bioc courses doesn't fulfill the requirements.
  7. Do you know how many OOP are accepted each year? On their website, it shows only 1 spot but people have been saying 3-5 so I'm not sure.
  8. None! People change their minds, understandably so. You'd lose all that $$ though!
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