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  1. I am also wondering if my offer is a fluke or a glitch in the system. It feels very surreal.
  2. Time Stamp: 00:00 on OMSAS Result: Acceptance GPA: 3.758 Stream: French, IP Year: First year of second undergraduate degree (6th year of university). Interview Thoughts: I felt like the interview went very well.
  3. I received an offer of admission from the French stream at uOttawa. Interestingly, I can still see the reset button.
  4. I believe interviews are over and that the last interview date was March 5th.
  5. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 14:11 EST Location: IP (Ottawa) Stream: Français cGPA: 3.758 Current Year: Première année d'un deuxième baccalauréat. ECs: Beaucoup de bénévolat et quelques emplois à long-terme avec des positions de leadership. Casper et Snapshot: Je pense que le CASPer a bien été. Je n'ai pas fait le Snapshot.
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