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    I'm with you... I'm totally with you. 
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    We generally call it The Wack 
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    I'm single and would like to be in a place where I can meet new people lol... Just curious, are the university students in Victoria mostly taken?? haha 
    How much are ferry rides from Victoria/Nanaimo to Vancouver? 
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    I mean, UVic is mostly undergrads so up to you if you're cool with that. Doesn't have too many grad programs/students from what I remember. I didn't go there ,so maybe someone else could chime in. Also, UVic was jokingly known as the Univeristy of "Chicktoria" when I was living there. The male to female ratio was supposedly 2 to 3.  If you're a guy, your odds are good.
    As for ferry prices, a car on its own is 60 bucks. Each person is 17 bucks. Those prices are for one way sailings. Of course, you could walk on and save some money but taking public transit to the terminals is very slow. Would take over an hour from downtown Victoria to Swartz bay and an hour and a half from Tsawwassen to downtown Vancouver.
    Edit: I just looked up UVic's gender ratio. It's 46:54 Male to Female according to Macleans. Globe and Mail had it at 43:57 in 2011 so it's gotten more balanced.
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    Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Nanaimo and Surrey are all very suburban, quite a bit of sprawl that makes them surprisingly hard to get around on foot / by bike. Chilliwack and nanaimo in particular are more like large towns in terms of stuff to do, and I’d classify Chilliwack as ‘semi-rural’. I would also describe Abby, Chilliwack and Nanaimo as pretty ‘sleepy’, certainly not vibrant. Chilliwack, for example, has 1-2 good sushi places, one decent pho place, etc., and pretty much everything closes at 9-10pm. Surrey and Abbotsford probably have the most variety in terms of restaurants, and there is a bit more going on in terms of entertainment, especially in Surrey. Rent in the 1000-1500 range should be doable for a decent place in all of these places (assuming no pets). Car is a must in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Nanaimo, and Surrey lifestyle wise IMO, and for Chilliwack and Abby it’s a must for getting into Vancouver. In chilliwack, for example, it’s small enough that you could live near the hospital and walk/bike to most of the gp and specialist clinics... but I am not sure I’d recommend it (bike paths don’t exist there). Nanaimo and Abbotsford in my experience you’ll likely need a car to get to some GP/specialist clinics from the hospital. Surrey you’ll likely want a car as well, but you have the option of the skytrain into Vancouver for leisure stuff which can be very convenient. 
    You might be able to make due without a car some of the time in Victoria, and in Vancouver Fraser / St. Paul’s / Coastal - many of your rotations will be at the city in the main hospitals, but you will need to be prepared to go to community hospitals sometimes. Modo (car share) is an option in these places as well. Public transit and biking are great options in these cities for day to day, but not great if you want to get out of town to do outdoorsy things, or coming home from rotations late at night. Vancouver has great transit, even out to Richmond, north van, Burnaby, etc. Victoria is not nearly as well served by transit as Vancouver, and outside of downtown/university area or using it to get to the to the ferry I find it pretty slow/challenging. Vancouver is certainly vibrant - has loads of diversity and restaurants, and loads to do generally (outside of the pandemic anyways). I feel like Victoria’s restaurant scene is a far from Vancouver’s, but there’s still good variety and quality, especially downtown. Outside of downtown I also find Victoria pretty sleepy - it still feels very geared towards retirees, although that’s continued to change over the last 10-15 years, as there are some more tech jobs, young professionals, etc. than in the past. 
    Rentwise < 1500 will be difficult to find in Vancouver anywhere near the main hospitals. There ARE studios and occasionally 1 bedrooms in the 1400-1500 or less range around VGH, in the west end, etc. but they’re pretty hard to come by and/or can be quite run down. You’ll have many more options in the  1600-1900 range. North van (coastal) is similar. The high end of your price range is probably more doable in Victoria.
    It’s hard to say which one is best. I feel like these are all pretty different places, and I know people who have been happy doing residency in all of them, as well as people who have hated living in pretty much all of them as well for one reason or another (too conservative or too expensive or too boring, etc). I recommend looking up rents on pad mapper, looking at restaurant listings on Yelp, ‘walking around’ the main drags on Google maps / exploring time to get between different hospitals and neighbourhoods in traffic, reading up on their politics, etc. You can also try searching ‘what’s it like to live in ___’ on the rEd dIt threads for these cities.
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    Has anyone done UBC fam med MMI yet? Would appreciate any tips on how to prepare! 
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    Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19), Alberta (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Dalhousie (Feb 24), Université de Montreal (Feb 23), Université de Laval (Feb 23)
    Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Usask (Feb 25)
    Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16), Manitoba (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Montreal (Feb 24), Ottawa (Feb 24
    Dermatology: ULaval (Feb 23), Calgary (Feb 23)
    Diagnostic Radiology: Dalhousie (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 19), Queen’s (Feb 23), Saskatchewan (Feb 23), Manitoba (Feb 23), MUN (Feb 24), Calgary (Feb 24), Montreal (Feb 24), Laval (Feb 24), McMaster (Feb 25)
    Emergency Medicine: Ottawa (Feb 22), Queen's (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 25 -Phone call @12pm EST)
    Family Medicine: Joint Ontario IMG (feb15), Joint Quebec Francophone Schools (Feb 16), McGill Châteauguay (Feb 19), UBC Family Medicine (Feb 19th), McGill Gatineau (Feb 19), McGill Montreal Site (Feb 20) Dalhousie (Feb 23), Alberta (Feb 23), U of T (Feb 23), McMaster CMG (Feb 24) Dalhousie IMG ( feb24) Alberta IMG  (Feb 24) Memorial (Feb 25)
    General Pathology: Calgary (Feb 9), Alberta (Feb 22), McMaster (Feb 23)
    General Surgery: MUN (Feb 9), Sherbrooke (Feb 18), McMaster Niagara Campus (Feb 20), McGill (Feb 21), Saskatchewan (23 Feb), Manitoba (Feb 23), Western (Feb 24), Laval (Feb 25)
    Hematological Pathology:
    Internal Medicine:
    Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary(Feb 10), Université de Montreal(19 Feb)
    Medical Microbiology: Manitoba (Feb 11), Calgary (Feb 18)
    Neurology: Toronto (Feb 19), Manitoba (Feb 22), Sherbrooke (Feb 23), Queen's (Feb 24), Dalhousie (Feb 24), Calgary (Feb 24), McGill (Feb 24), Alberta (Feb 25)
    Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Feb 9), McMaster (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 23)
    Neuropathology: Calgary (Feb 16)
    Neurosurgery: Saskatchewan (Feb 11), Manitoba (Feb 19), UBC (Feb 22), Sherbrooke (Feb 22), Toronto (Feb 23), Ottawa (Feb 23), Calgary (Feb 24), McGill (Feb 25), Alberta (Feb 25), Western (Feb 25)
    Nuclear Medicine: Sherbrooke (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 22), Manitoba (Feb 24)
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Ottawa IMG (Feb 12), Alberta (Feb 22), McGill (Feb 25)
    Ophthalmology: Dalhousie (Feb 25), Saskatchewan (Feb 25)
    Orthopaedic Surgery: Dalhousie (Feb 19), UAlberta (Feb 22), Memorial (Feb 23), Sherbrooke (Feb 23), Toronto (Feb 24), Toronto IMG (Feb 24), McGill (Feb 24), Laval (Feb 25), UdeM/Montreal (Feb 25), McMaster (Feb 25), NOSM (Feb 25)
    Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: Toronto (Feb 22), McGill (Feb 23)
    Pediatrics: Western IMG (Feb 24), Manitoba IMG (Feb 24), UBC IMG (Feb.24), McMaster IMG (feb 24), UOttawa IMG (Feb 24) 
    Plastic Surgery: Manitoba (Feb 16th), Ottawa (Feb 24), Toronto (Feb 24) 
    PM&R: Calgary (Feb 11), Manitoba (Feb 16), Dalhousie (Feb 18), Queen's (Feb 19), Ottawa (Feb 19), Western (Feb 22), Saskatchewan (Feb 23), McMaster (Feb 23), Alberta (Feb 24), Toronto (Feb 24)
    Psychiatry: Manitoba (Feb 12), Memorial (Feb 17), McGill (Feb 17), Calgary (Feb 17), Toronto (Feb 19), Saskatoon (Feb 22), Regina (Feb 22), Sherbrooke - Moncton (Feb 22), Sherbrooke (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Western (Feb 23), McMaster (Feb 23), Laval (Feb 23), NOSM (Feb 24), Alberta (Feb 24), Manitoba Winnipeg (Feb 25)
    Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Saskatchewan (Feb 9), Ottawa (Feb 21), Toronto (Feb 23), UBC (Feb 24), Alberta (Feb 24) 
    Radiation Oncology: Calgary (Feb 9), Alberta (Feb 10), Montreal (Feb 10), McMaster(Feb 12), UBC (Feb 17)
    Urology: Montreal (Feb 23), Alberta (Feb 24),  McMaster (Feb 25)
    Vascular Surgery: Manitoba (Feb 16th), Western (Feb 17th), Montreal (Feb 23)
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    Medapp2017 reacted to procrastinating in Realignment of Doctor's Income 2   
    My understanding is that ophthalmology practice is significantly different in the US - and the pay is proportionally the same. The work is chiller, less hours, more control over your life. These are things people really want. Also, ophtho has huge overhead (60-70%) so take-home pay is really not what it seems.
    With pay as it is now in Canada, Canadian doctors don't have a big enough reason to uproot their lives and make the big move down south. But compounding already tight job prospects and difficulty securing OR time with reduced pay? New grads will inevitably leave the country. Especially if the choice comes down to moving to some faraway rural Canadian city (where there will be more work, more call, less support) vs. an urban American city that's just south of the border (where you can call all the shots, albeit for slightly less pay ... but that's where the private procedures come in). It's what happened to ortho, ENT, neurosurgery. What that means is that the Cdn govt is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars subsidizing our education only for them to lose us to the states. That's why it'll hurt the retention and recruitment of these specific physicians. 
    I'm not defending the obscenely high pay, but rather trying to add some element of nuance to this discussion. It's not as straightforward as it seems.
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    Medapp2017 reacted to rmorelan in Is family medicine really that bad?   
    well I cannot speak for all fields even in ROAD - but I can break some some of the math for radiology, and perhaps suggest that really isn't much different than other fields.
    So lets take what you are saying as base - M-F 8:30-5 for 45 hours a week (note - that is wrong for me - we started at 7:30 and went to 5 - but what is 3 extra hours a week among friends). For the first 3 years of residency as a radiologist I did 5 call shifts every 4 weeks, with 2 of those on the weekend. So I will average things out over 4 weeks. During that time I would be on weekend call for 2 daysX24 hours, and 3*15 = 45 hours for the week day call going from 5pm-8am. A couple of times a month I would get the following day off as post call (saving me 9*2=18 hours for the post call days - obviously not on friday shifts as I am off anyone on Sat). Note you may be "post call" but it isn't like a day off - I collapsed and was lucky to get up before the evening, was up for a bit and the back to bed ha. So just the absolute base would be over 4 weeks (4*45+2x24+3*15 - 18)/4 for 64 hours a week as base level. Assumes you NEVER have to work late because you ran over (like that never happens but we are being conservative here). On those call shifts by the way - you really are basically up the entire time. Radiology only sleeps when every other field is also asleep - if they are up they have a problem, and that means you have a problem most of the time. 
    That would be great at 64 hours but we aren't even close to being done yet. For starters you also have to add the actual study time, which you simply cannot get away from (and of course you won't want to). Residents in radiology should be spending 1-2 hours a night studying and I would say that simply is a part of the job, and yeah I am counting those hours. If you even did a single hour a day - and that I would take as a minimum you are up another 7 hours a week - so now we are at 73 hours. In reality for myself that was much higher, and I would already be above 80 after that alone. Ha, other fields many have longer days, but usually shorter amounts of study required - simply because they learn their stuff on the job more. 
    So then we are left with research, which is another basic requirement. Pretty variable but everyone has to do some of it if you want those nice fellowships (or any fellowship), and it does help with the job as well. I cannot even begin to quantify  the amount of time I did on that - lets just say it is a lot. You wouldn't have to do all that but many do. 
    Sure in the senior years your call drops - but exam preparation then just goes into high gear. I spend way more than 80 hours - well over 100 hours actually in my late 4th and 5th years preparing for my board exam. 4 hours of studying a night on week days, and 12 hours a week on the weekend (did take Friday night off - gotta decompress at some point ha). All I did was work and study for the most part. 
    So that gives you a basic picture for ball parking radiology. Let's say about 73 hours if you do minimum required work, and minimum required studying, and no research. You can see that the odds of actually doing those minimums would be rather low. Plus if you backwards average in the extra 5th year studying time over the other 4 years then yes you are over 80 from that alone. 
    Your first year may not be quite as bad on every rotations to be fair (the off service rotation year) - some will be very bad (ortho and nuero surg come to mind ha). Rad onc was much easier as a counter point. 
    My point is - and I really need to stress this for people considering the field of radiology - that whether you think rads belongs still in ROADS (strong arguments it doesn't as staff) the residency program itself is very challenging, and consumes vast amounts of your time. We get people accepted into our program from time to time that don't understand this - possible from the bias of the ROAD term etc. Those people quickly find out how incorrect their prior expectations are, and not all of them make it through the program. 
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    You're in first year how can you possibly be too late for anything 
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    Unfortunately if you don't have at least 1 first author pub in sophomore year of high school you can no longer be considered competitive for ophtho.
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    WOW I love this  - congratulations!!!!  
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    Waitlist Rank TBD in early May
    (well I guess they can still retract the offer if it's a mistake despite that deposit was paid, hmmm...)
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    Am I the only one going absolutely nuts over the absence of ranking for IP waitlist. I am checking minerva so often that I am probably close to flooding the site.
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    That's a possibility. I always think of the admissions committee as a small team, in which case they can't afford to split and effectively handle both demanding tasks. I am beginning to wonder why stuff were scheduled back to back this year; I can imagine adcom is going through a lot of stress these weeks. Oh well, Thursday is tomorrow and we will find out how this plays out then.
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    Wait... April 14 is is Good Friday, you think they might release on April 13? That sounds too good lol
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    The deans office is very helpful and wellness oriented. There have been several students in our cohort who have deferred their position in the class for different reasons - both personal and academic. IF you get an offer of admission it is because they want YOU in their program. My advice would be to focus on getting that offer of admission and worry about the details after where you'd be able to meet with the Dean and discuss why you would benefit from the gap year.
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