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  1. Ok so I'm new to this stuff and this may sound stupid but do med schools drop your worst year or I've even heard they only count only your last two? Sorry for sounding kinda useless I'm just a first year still a baby trying to get used to uni any response is appreciated and good luck everyone!!
  2. Hey guys, So i was accepted into the u of calgary's biological sciences program and i was wondering what option i should take. I wanted to take psycology but i'm already taking a math, bio, chem, and physics class so I fear psycology will be to much. How hard is the class?(psyc) I'm atrocious at english so I also fear any class where I have to write an essay. I know I will have to write one at some point but hey, ignorance is bliss. Any advice anyone? Thanks a lot Mike
  3. Hey Guys, So, I've just been accepted into the Unversity of Lethbridge Neuroscience program and I'm just wondering how good the program is and if it's actually as good as people say it is. Also, if anyone here has been to the U of Lethbridge can they tell me how their experience was? I'm just trying to figure out if I should go there. Thanks a lot everyone!
  4. so You took some neursci classes? and i'm just in love with the brain. I think it's the most fascinating organ in the body.
  5. Hey everyone, So, I really wanted to do neuroscience at u of c but, my english mark is dragging me down and I'm pretty much giving up on my dream as I've wanted to get into that program as soon as I heard about it. I have no clue what to do. What do I major in? Is there anything close to neuroscience that I could do? I heard the Health Science degrees are very english based so I can't do those. The general Biological Sciences degree are an option but, I hate ecology and you have to take those classes. Ugh, I'm just so stressed and I don't know what to do.
  6. Hey Guys, So I have no clue what to major in next year. I heard the three Health Science degrees at U of C are very english based, a subject I hate more than anything. Also, I read somewhere that the medical science classes you take along with the BHSc's degrees are very hard and they lower GPA's. Is this true? I really need some help. Additionally, I was wondering how hard the neuroscience program is to get into. I'm very interested in the brain and the nervous system in general. In my opinion, it is the most fascinating organ in the body. I just don't know what to do. I could go into bio
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