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  1. Hi guys ! I am currently looking to buy a new laptop for medschool. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the laptop bursary? I've heard from past students that they were eligible for a 3k laptop bursary. Does anyone know if it's still going on ? Thanks a lot !
  2. I haven't heard anything yet either... Orpas is also blank for me.
  3. I also received a confirmation email two days after sending it.
  4. Result: Accepted !! (will be accepting) Time stamp: 7:30 wGPA: 3.9 Stream: French Geography: OOP ECs: Varied, longterm and lot of research. Current year: UG complete Interview: Felt good initially but started doubting an hour after. Some answers were strong but there were questions I definitely could have answered better. It was far from a perfect interview. Feeling extremely grateful for this opportunity. Congratulation to everyone who received offers! To everyone on the waitlist, stay strong and I wish you all the best !
  5. Lol probably the same. Definitely cry (I cried when I received an interview :$) What are you guys doing this weekend to pass the time?
  6. I definitely looked at the forum over 20 times today. I'm going crazy
  7. This is my first time waiting for the offers to be sent and wow it is painful. I don't know what to do with myself
  8. Hahahaha just came here to see if someone had the same reaction with that email ... 20 days guys !!!
  9. It's suppose to be today! And I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm stressing out....
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