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  1. Interesting. Do you know if the anesthesiologist was a dental anesthesiologist or an MD?
  2. Looking to get any input on dental anesthesiology as a specialty in Canada. I'm interested in getting an idea about both the admissions process and requirements as well as, and probably more importantly, the career prospects for dental anesthesiologists in Canada (specifically Ontario - preferably Toronto). Not sure if this is relevant, but I am a current D2 from Toronto studying in the US. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  3. Btw does anyone know the length or character limit for Western's personal statement? I tried looking it up but couldn't find any info on it
  4. Thanks for the info, just confirmed with western and they said that section of the FAQ section was meant only for RC to be at least 18/30. My GPA for all 4 years was a 3.75 (still need to do the calculation for the two best years, but it should be around 3.80-3.90 range). I'm going to apply regardless to U of T as well, like shm said you never know!
  5. Like the title says I didn't do so great on the PAT. Here are my scores: RC: 22 - 74th percentile Bio: 24 - 89th percentile GC: 23 - 92nd percentile PAT: 17 - 24th percentile TS: 23 - 92nd percentile AA: 23 - 90th percentile I was wondering if anyone thinks there is a point in applying to Schulich dentistry given in there FAQ section it says "For the past several years, a score of at least 18/30 or higher has been required, although this minimum score on the DAT is subject to change depending on the quality of the applicant pool. " I wasn't able to find out if U of T has a similar poli
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