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  1. What’s the deadline for application? Now that our February DAT has been postpone, I’m worried marks won’t be sent in time of the deadline.
  2. I would love to know what to write too. After reading the recent posts, I feel robbed and cheated. I’m pretty sure I’m going through the five stages of grief. I thought this would be the year I would get into dentistry. I studied my ass off this year and to get a slight improvement in score compared to last year where I gave in mediocre effort, is very absurd and defeating.
  3. Thank you for the information! I had the impression that they only gave two warnings because it seemed like my invigilator read it off from his instructions and CDA wants to simulate similar testing conditions for everyone. Sooo many tricks you can do!! Super easy to eliminate questions and especially helpful for angle rankings (those annoying ~180 degree angles ), counting cubes, hole punching, and a bit for pattern folding.
  4. I'd like to know too! Maybe we can think about having a skype study group instead? I know the MCAT peeps have one. I'm part of an online study group with students in different academic disciplines around the world. They're all hard-working students and watching others study for long hours give me a boost of motivation to also study. It's a good alternative to a public library when they're closed or when I'm too lazy to leave my house or if I need company while I pull an all-nighter
  5. Invigilators are only allowed to give warnings at 30 mins and 5 mins. I highly recommend wearing a watch next time! (I always give myself 10 mins max per section) I didn't know they remove questions! What's the purpose behind it?
  6. No, you haven't OP, but that's okay! There is definitely hope for you! If you're not on a budget, I highly recommend crack the dat with their video explanations for each question. They teach you how to approach each question and what you can look for without visualizing the 3D object. If you are on a budget, I can try to show you a few tips and tricks that I like to use.
  7. First DAT attempt. Biology - lots of ecology questions/ random questions Chemistry - a bit random but not difficult to answer PAT (I used Crack the DAT so I felt confident going in) - There were one or two tricky ones for TFE and pattern folding. Reading comprehension - Search and Destroy did not do me justice lol. A lot harder than I expected. Don't even talk about it :'< Overall, it was harder than I expected.
  8. That's the opposite of what I like to do! I find that trying to visualize what the object should look like is very time-consuming with my poor spatial abilities. I go straight to the answer choices and carry out process-of-elimination. I'm more nervous about the RC :< To OP: What resources are you using for the PAT? There are a lot of tricks and strategies you can use to greatly improve your PAT score. Your goal of 2 or 3 for TFE is very low. I'm sure you can score a lot higher than that!! Give yourself leeway and don't aim for the minimum!
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