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  1. If you don't mind, may I ask why you prefer to practice as a general dentist?
  2. There is no way I can be top 5% in my class with my grades (not even 10% tbh). I can probably study really hard for the NBME exam and do well on it... So if I'm not top 5% (or even 10%), there's no chance for me, I assume?
  3. I am a dental student at the University of Toronto. I did very poorly in my first year Gross Anatomy course (barely passed ~60% or 1.7 GPA), which is worth 1.25 credits. I am doing ok in other courses (~80%). I want to specialize in either orthodontics or oral surgery. I have tons of shadowing hours and volunteering experience. Do I have a chance or should I not even bother with this? I am also considering going to the States if Canadian school is not an option for me. Does anyone know what GPA you need to specialize in the States?
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