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  1. Hi! Are there clocks in the room so you can easily see how much time is left? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I have a quick question about the community service referee. Would it be better to choose volunteer supervisor "X" who I have known for about 4-5 years, but she is close to 80 years old and was not highly educated, and so in the nicest way possible, she may not be able to produce a Shakespearean-quality letter (however, I know she would have good things to say of me, and she would provide an honest, if simple, reference). On the other hand, I have volunteer supervisor "Y" who I have known for 1 year in a very intimate volunteering role (related to suicide prevention) and sh
  3. I believe OP is organizing practice MMI on an individual basis, not collective (correct me if I'm wrong)! There's very good utility in that, but hopefully we can also set up something collective
  4. Congrats all! I need some help from you guys: for someone flying in from Ontario and with the 3 hour lag, would 8:45 am be alright? I have an 11am spot, but I'm afraid to give it up now that they're at such a premium!
  5. Thanks for your response! Hahah sorry, I'm trying to relax. How do you know the distribution is tight? I am not worried about red flags in the letters, and I know they will be written from the heart, but I am mostly just worried that they are not on par with people who have amazing letters with tons of specific examples (or even those folks who write their own letters of reference and get the prof to sign it... ), so I thought it would be a bigger distribution. I agree 100% that these are relic, and almost every school is moving away from them but 20% can still be dealbreakers on your
  6. Hi all! So I heard that reference letters are weighed quite heavily, around 20% of an applicant's file review score. Is this true? And if so, I'm concerned that it may negatively impact my chances. I have plenty of research experience and solid extracurriculars, high GPA, but in terms of my letters, I am concerned that my lab demonstrator and professors had weaker letters, as they are not native English speakers. I chose my references based on how well they knew me and how appropriate they were, not necessarily their writing ability. Now I am very concerned that my letters may be an obstacles,
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