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  1. Hello guys, I am a third year medical student and I have to choose my electives soon. I will probably apply to EM and FM. What electives do you recommend me to be competitive for both programs and for how many weeks each (i got 8 weeks in total)? Thanks
  2. Hi people, I am starting clerkship on september and would like to know any rule of thumbs for selecting electives? For the class of 2022, I think that we might get a chance to do a few electives at other med school in 2021 if the COVID situation settles. Specialties that interest me are general surgery and IM. I am also open to applying into FM. Thanks
  3. What's up people! I wanted to know how competitive is entering in pediatrics? And if there's anyone in peds out here, how did you make your application for the CARMS strong?
  4. Hi guys, I am having a lot of difficulty studying for my system based classes and I was wondering if I needed to change my method. For most of my classes, we have 3 sources of information: classes, powerpoints, and textbooks. My teacher's powerpoints don't have much on it so I need to read the textbook. However, while reading the textbook, I am not sure what I need to memorize and what is important for the exams. Should I take notes on the side, considering that it consumes most of my time or should I memorize directly from the textbook? Should I write condensed notes on a paper or type t
  5. But why is it difficult to impress? Also, how do you apply for an elective rotation at another uni?
  6. Hw do I apply for an elective in the university I'm seeking? And is there a specific elective that is recommended?
  7. Hello, I am a medical student at Universite de Sherbrooke and I wanted to know for residency is it possible for me getting a spot in Ontario? How does it work exactly and is it doable? Thanks
  8. I think most of us was ready for review
  9. LOL moi aussi c'est retournee a en traitement
  10. did it change for everyone or only few people? im kinda stressin...
  11. It changed to further review required after you got the interview but it was ready for review before that
  12. It changed around 11 am for me
  13. Mine changed twice today it was alternating between further review and ready for review. Right now it says ready for review and the decision is on may 17
  14. Tbh me to I am wondering what they are looking for. I made few dumb comments and also completely ruined my calculations in one station. Idk...
  15. OMG j'ai fait la meme erreur je croyais le dessin etait pour nous aider avec les blocs ....
  16. Same!!! After the interview people were all happy and saying that they killed it...
  17. I'm a CEGEP applicant and I felt like most people who were doing the interview with me did well. I mean after the interview I felt ok (not really proud or sad), but others seemed to killed it ... is it normal?
  18. I have few friends that got rejected and one friend that got the interview
  19. I am still waiting. It says "ready for review". Hbu?
  20. aucune reponse, je pense que notre cohort est tres forte. Je vois plusieurs de collegue dans mes classes avec des cote-r de 35-36. Les reponses sortent quand btw pour les collegiens?
  21. Hi, I just noticed that I forgot to rename my supporting documents (Verifiers and CVPN). Is it a big deal? Can I change it? Thanks
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