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  1. I declined about a week ago. Hopefully it will start to move soon!
  2. I declined my offer at Schulich and I know one other friend who is declining as well.
  3. The interview email states that "Schulich Dentistry no longer uses the Canadian Dental Association structured interview format", would you happen to know the current format of the interview? Is it just traditional? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, My university offers a 9 month course based masters program where a thesis defence is not involved, but you do get original research experience and present your findings at a student research leadership conference. The degree awarded is a Masters of Biomedical Science (MBS), has anyone done this? And how do you think it would compare to a full two year MSc as it relates to the dental application? Thanks in advance!
  5. Bio/Chem: pretty fair, I found it to be about the same difficulty as the Nov test PAT: harder than Nov test, pattern folding and keyholes specifically RC: the first passage took forever... so lost time there and ended up guessing a few of the last questions as I ran out of time
  6. BIO: definitely a lot more random questions than I anticipated CHEM: was okay, some tricky questions PAT: easier than I expected, except for angles but I was never super good at this section RC: finished the first two passages but had to rush the third one and ended up guessing on a few of the last questions
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