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  1. Also interested in hearing advice/experience from current or past UBC MD/PhD students. I am also an OOP student with a M.Sc completed.
  2. Hi all! I was wondering if any graduate students who has gotten an interview or accepted to Ontario med school to help me out! I am a Master's student, doing a two-year thesis. I currently have two peer-reviewed authorships in mid-level journals (one first-author and another second). However, they are both based on work from my undergraduate career but were recently published during my Master's. It is highly unlikely that I will have time to publish a paper based on my Master's work this year but I still have some presentations and conferences based on my Master's work. Would you think th
  3. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:37 Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 129/125/128/132 cGPA: 3.8 and 2yr GPA: 3.9 Current year: 4th yr UG EC: research (2nd authorship + some abstracts and presentations), long term volunteering (hospital, tutoring), sports, long term coaching, executive at a few clubs at university Best of luck to everyone with an interview!!
  4. OOP Regrets... I got an 'Error Page' on the UBC Application Portal when checking my NAQs
  5. So its my first time posting an "application-related" question so here it goes: I'm a 3rd year applicant. wGPA: 3.87 (ik not too great for 3rd yr) ABS/ECs: president and co-founder of 2 clubs in high school, exec in a club on campus, journalist for program newsletter and magazines, peer mentor for over a year, math tutor throughout high-school, volunteered at same convention for 4 years in a row, ~200hrs combined volunteering at a couple of different hospitals, kids soccer coach for >3 years now, orientation rep for a year, some volunteering at one time events, summer researc
  6. Thanks @VolumeOverload. I agree with what you said. It's definitely a matter of self-growth and experience exposure. That's what ultimately helps in the long run!
  7. Hi all, I am currently a first year undergraduate student and I recently got a job offer to work at a Shopper's pharmacy while studying. I think this is a good opportunity as it exposes me to the world of health and patient care. (also, a plus is of course making some money haha). I would like to know if any of you are familiar with how medical schools in Canada look upon pharmacy positions like this one. Thanks!
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