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  1. I'm SMP too! We will make sure that we can all do some things together and don't get lonely!
  2. On Jennifer fongs financial thing she said that they recommend july 30th now
  3. I wish we had one!!! It would be really fun to do and have family come celebrate.
  4. Maybe?? I'm going to UBC and they instructed us to buy white coats- I don't think we have a white coat ceremony! Yeah everything I read made the ipad seem like a really smart investment.
  5. Has anyone- who didn't previous go to UBC or have a UBC student number- received a student number? If so where did you find it? I heard it will show up on OAS but I'm not sure where to loook on OAS.
  6. Following!!! so far I've got: Short white coat, stethescope, dress clothes, scrubs for anatomy lab, an ipad, a case to hold all my charging cables
  7. I too would appreciate this as an incoming UBC student !
  8. Why are you going Scotia Bank??? I am really torn between RBC and Scotia. I have no idea about the Doctors of BC scholarship but I read on the MD Finances page under the scholarship section that we can apply for entrance scholarships in August. Also good news for anyone getting student loans, apparently because of COVID we are eligible for a higher amount than most years (I think it is 3000$ more) so that will be helpful.
  9. I sent mine through the mail about two weeks ago and it still has not updated/they haven't got it.
  10. I did :)))) IP applicant 3.75-3.8 ish gpa and 507 (I can;t remember if its 507 or 508 lol) MCAT. Had good ECs but honestly nothing crazy. Dont give up!!
  11. I thought the same! I watched a really good video by kharma medic on youtube about using an ipad pro for medical school (I'm a first year med student, but I'm assuming it would be similar for dent). I decided that this would be a valuable tool for me but I ended up buying the ipad air instead because using this device purely for school, I don't need the extra capabilities that the pro has for the extra 500$. Hope that helps! You can find the youtube video I am referring to by searching kharma medic ipad and itll be the first video.
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