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  1. My understanding is a set number of seats can be given to OOP applicants (15%?), and if OOP applicants interviewed better than IP applicants as a whole they would still only be able to make up that set percentage of the incoming class. I think we would need to know how many OOP applicants received interview invites to gauge the competitiveness however.
  2. Just out of curiosity where did you find that UofA stat? All I could find was a mean age of 25.5.
  3. Maybe this is a ridiculous question but how good does your french need to be? I would assume the interview is in french?
  4. might hurt your "overall academic merit" section a little but all in all if you're GPA is decent (and you have all the there stuff) you should be fine.
  5. Just as a follow up, I've shadowed 15 ophthalmologists over this summer and a couple of them seem to have an appreciation for handblown glass. I've been looking into getting into glass blowing to help with CARMS but would appreciate any suggestions. Would it be enough to take lessons maybe once a week for the next 3 years or should I invest in a home setup so I can practice more (~$5k to $25k which ofc I would put on my LOC). Alternatively are there similar hobbies I could try instead? I have a real fear of heat/fire but if necessary this is something I am willing to take on.
  6. Just out of curiosity where are you living where you can but a house for 100k?
  7. Any channels or websites in particular you would recommend? I always kinda assumed most of the resources online were more aimed at an american curriculum.
  8. Seems like a good idea, theres a chance they might not even notice it OP.
  9. Cant speak for this year but thats how it worked last year. Maybe send the email and then confirm with your referee?
  10. Also to add to this, how does osmosis compare to something like Boards and Beyond or even the USLME step 1 book they put out (first aid I think?)?
  11. Say I loved my part time job, do you have a ball park of how many hours a week I could commit to putting into it while in first year med school? or would it be to variable to guess.
  12. Last year I believed it was weighted as a individual course, this is based on how little my GPA went down (the calculated one that appears on the secondary application in the fall after you submit) having 2 A- at the time for my MSc.
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