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  1. omg ahha, this is almost similar to my application last year (even the ECs)! Keep it up! I went down by 4 but you def are doing well. Def try again!!!
  2. How is ur AQ 35 if ur gpa is at 86... that should equate to around 25 based off their admissions stats... typo??
  3. regular.. n' ty I will now be able to move on w/ my day. UBC was my best bet anyways. Onwards I go!
  4. ppl who got full file review, and got regrets... they are being notified right now
  5. okay ubc med pls... you can still send us the results and unplug ur phone lines while you continue your partying
  6. Greetings, please leave this only for invites/regrets and acceptances (May 2017) of UBC Med's 2016-2017 application cycle. [b]TIME STAMP:[/b] Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri, XX:XX [b]Interview Invite:[/b] Invited/Regret [b]Early/Regular Deadline:[/b] [b]Interview Date:[/b] [b]GPA:[/b] [b]AGPA (if applicable):[/b] [b]MCAT:[/b] PS/VR/BS/WS (and corresponding order for MCAT 2015 with psych section last) [b]ECs:[/b] [b]Year:[/b] UG, Bachelors, Masters, PhD [b]Geography:[/b] IP/OOP [b]NAQ (if applicable):[/b] [b]AQ (if applicable):[/b] Good luck to all. TIME STAMP: Monday, 4:55 pm Interview
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