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  1. Hi All, Soooo now that i got into medical school I really wanted to give back to the premed 101 community and share some of my experience with other people on this forum. I thought I would post a thread about how I prepared for my Casper test this year to answer some of your questions. I started roughly 2 months in advance 1) Read doing right... i read the whole thing and talked out-loud about the case studies in the books with friends/family 2) I would play with typing websites (i.e. typeracer) to speed up my typing 3) I bought Astroff practice tests and other pra
  2. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with this? I wanted to do some side research/ maybe teaching in my first year of medicine at uOttawa .. can anyone speak to their experience with this
  3. To clarify, does anyone know if we can mail the cheque instead of email it ?
  4. ACCEPTED ... MY DREAM Time-stamp: idek GPA: 3.98 Stream: English Geography: IP ECs: Diverse Current year: Third Year Interview: tbh i thought it was bad and i cringed at my interview performance until May 9th
  5. Hi All, As many premeds do, I have to bite the bullet and take english for UBC and some other schools. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on where to take english for a credit.. I have heard about Athabasca and was wondering if anyone could comment on their experience with that?
  6. hey folks! I am currently filling out my AMCAS and wanted to know if anyone wanted to start an AMCAS help group to share resources/ ask eachother questions. PM me if interested
  7. I would apply french stream if i were you ... also take a look at the interview invites thread u may be able to get an idea of the GPAs that are competitive for french/ english stream
  8. i doubt the sketch is being looked at ... cause on interview day something different was said
  9. Hi All, I am wondering about OOP chances for next cycle Below are my stats (keep in mine my ECs are a bit vague to maintain anonymity) GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 516 130/126/129/131 ECs: Employment Teaching Assistant (2 years) Don in Residence Research Assistant (1 year in one place and 1 year in another) Server Volunteer Volunteered with vunerable populations (over 1 year), volunteer tutor, leadership experiences (frosh week leader), interviewed patients for study, other club stuff (typical premed stuff), debate competitions, organized shows (keeping this broad but show was +200 pe
  10. 1) medicall schools requires a full course load 2) summer courses USUALLY dont count for ur GPA (expect at McMaster *speaking for only ontario schools*) 3) med schools generally dont care what u take as long as u have the prereqs 4) In MY OPINion, and this is purely mine i would not take liberal arts courses unless needed ... essays r extremely hard to get high marks on 5) GPA DEPENDS ALOT ON THE SCHOOL U GO TO for undergrad
  11. even if u retake them the original marks will still effect ur GPA
  12. I took it and did not find it useful. I would recommend **DELETED**'s Course over it .. i took both
  13. Denistry, OT/PT, law, graduate school (masters or PhD), teaching school, speech language pathology ... u can go into anything with that degree it just requires more education.
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