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  1. My advisor told me the same thing, but I told them that other advisors are giving other medical students both promotions and made her double check, and she called me back 10 minutes later and told me that I will receive both promotions so maybe try doing the same thing!
  2. Thanks! Just to be clear, you did get the $300 for opening the chequin account (once you follow the instructions etc.) and the visa passport points, but not the AMEX gold points?
  3. Yes I understand, but my advisor said that I am not eligible for the $300 and the AMEX points because I'm opening an account through a "special" student account. I am just wondering if she is unaware and if others are receiving the $300 / AMEX points, so that I can go in and let them know.
  4. Did everybody receive the $300 bonus for opening up an account with Scotia? And also the bonus points for the credit cards if you spend a certain amount within the first 3 months?
  5. I was a little bit confused with regards to who to contact for this. I have seen the list of Scotia advisors attached here on the forum, but there is only one advisor in Toronto, which is fairly far for me. I did seem to find an advisor uptown who seems to know what he is doing. I was wondering, is one week a reasonable amount of time for them to process everything and for me to access my LOC?
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new to this whole LOC thing. I called a small businesses advisor in Scotiabank to go in and talk about LOC, but the guy told me that I have to fill out a form for them to do a credit and background check (which can take 2-3 weeks), and once that is approved I can come in for a signing. He also said that depending on my credit score I may not get approved for the entire amount. Is this usually how it works? Is it true that I can't talk to an advisor for 2-3 weeks until I am approved? If not, does anybody know a good advisor in North York or Toronto in general that I can talk t
  7. Absolutely brilliant. You enjoy every second of this success, because you have earned it!!! Honoured to be your classmate (QMED 2023 baby!!) and can't wait to meet the awesome you
  8. https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/offers-deferrals Specific instructions on how to access your offer on SOLUS can be found here ^
  9. Maybe call them? My offer was on SOLUS the second I received the email.
  10. Okay good because I already accepted on SOLUS but I still can't see anything on OMSAS! Glad it wasn't just me..
  11. For primaries to get verified, you need to send your transcript, activity list and personal statement.
  12. Also accepted off waitlist (and also interviewed off the waitlist)!! 5+ years of undergrad, 1 master's degree, multiple MCAT retakes, 3 research labs and countless hours of sleepless nights later and I finally made it! First-generation doctor in my family .. I will write more later but please be proud of yourselves however far you've come!! I never thought that I would make it but here I am!!
  13. LOL!! Are you making these up as you go?? So funny!
  14. This wait is worse than when I was waiting for May 14...
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